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Chantelle Smith

Married on Sep 7, 2016 in Western Cape

My husband, Colin and I met in China in 2012. We always struggled to get family together since he is British and I'm South African. We decided to have a holiday and invited his mother and niece to join us. Couple of weeks later we decided, since we'll have family from both side with us, we could just as well get married.

Since we were still in China this posed a slight problem. I had a wonderful mother and father that helped organize the entire wedding including all the paperwork requirements for foreigner marriage in South Africa. We managed to pulled off the entire wedding in about 2 months with us being out the country and only arriving about 7 days before the actual date.

We had all kinds of problems and spend most of the time before the wedding driving around Cape Town and Caledon like crazy to get everything organized. Everything from the venue to the hairdresser was finalized the last days before the wedding. They were still conducing the Home Affairs Investigation Inspection when I was leaving for the church.

The actual wedding turned out perfect. Great weather and the perfect ceremony for us. Loads of food and just enough family to make it very special.

And after all that craziness, I still wouldn't change anything about the whole process.


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