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Bernice Smit

Married on Sep 10, 2016 in Gauteng

A Blessed Start To The Best Years Still To Come!

Every lady dreams that her big day would be as memorable as a fairy tale from a book...
We on the other hand were privileged to write our own fairy tale and the best part, to live it...

Every detail was perfect, from the moment I woke to a beautiful sunny day to where I finally laid my eyes on my husband (I'll never get tired of saying that) where he stood in our little chapel waiting for me.

An unforgettable message from the pastor reminded us of what is most important in life, not the sparkle, or the flowers or the food (which was amazing) nor the amount of money spent to celebrate our big day because nothing is as important as family and friends and finally the one standing next to you that is willing to always be by your side through the best and the worst of times. There is no better privilege in life than to share your life with your best friend.

When all the formalities were done it was time for the real party to start. Since we were only the closest family and friends it made the evening even more special. A very intimate wedding day that ended with a bang, what more can a bride and groom ask for on their big day!

Additional Wedding services Used:
Legend Loges (Zebra Country Lodge)
AuxPetit Four (Custom Wedding Cake with Cake toppers)
Rentals Village & Leah's Fig Tree Venue (Decor - Janine Marx)
ICandee (Bridesmaids Dresses)
The Stylist (Bridal Hair and Make-Up)
Unique Shoots Photography (Marese Herbest)
Titanium Studio (Groom Wedding Ring)
NWJ (Bride Wedding Ring)
Black Tie (Groom wedding suite)
Say It Creative (Placing cards and Gifts)
Bridal Vogue Bridal Boutique (Wedding Gown)


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