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Tiani Ramage

Married on Aug 27, 2016 in North West Province

My Fairytale

Months of planning and freaking out, over in a blink of a eye.

My Beautiful day took place in North West Potchofstroom at the stunning venue lyon paradise.

Early Morning, started getting ready for the day, very emotional, I also felt as if i was kind of left and that this wasnt even my day ( being a sensitive woman)

Then eventually things got better, started doing my make up, Photographers came ,, taking the most gorgeous photos while we are getting ready.

The other half of the Photographers team went to suprise Hubby and the guys while they where still chilling.

Putting the dress on was a 5 person job and me deligating who must grab where, we eventually got it on.

Now wedding time, standing near the Chapel doors, I could actually hear my hear beating, nervous, Not at all, this was all excitement oh and then just kill the excitement I started my period that very moment, few second before walking into the chapel, so I just i had to stick through.
Regretting this after a hour of photos and so on, thanks to one of the Photographers assitants she noticed i messed on the in inside of my dress, first time this has ever happend, so why not let it happen on the wedding day.

But thanks to my my mom and my maid of honour helping get cleaned up, I was ready for the party.

Feeling like a princess walking beside my Handsome Husband on the song " walking on Sunshine"

In the end after all the beautiful speeches, great food and amazing people, Our wedding was wonderful and everyone had a great time.


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