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Gwen Bothma

Married on Aug 13, 2016 in North West Province

It only happens in the movies, big puffy beautiful dress, most beautiful long curled hair with the most handsome prince waiting on the other side, and the happily ever after....."

My REAL LIFE fairy tale wedding♥♥♥
Since i was a small girl understanding the working ways of the world and the humans mind and imaginary world of thinking where everything in that imaginary world is harmless, happiness, love and happily ever afters... I hold on to my fairy tale dream, meeting my prince awaiting my fairy tale wedding. A girls dream is to marry her daddy or someone with the same qualities. At the age of 9 years old i lost my true love my hero my everything MY DADDY.... And since that day i stopped dreaming stopped believing... Life threw me to the ground since that day, i stood back up just got beaten back down. From there growing up in a home where dreams meant nothing, i meant nothing didn't belong their, beaten up, abused etc. I found my way to Abraham Kriel Childrens home started high school in 2005. Start believing again start praying, in split second my heart and mind changed, life was back in my soul i start dreaming start believing start praying for my prince. Wens through high school starting university in 2010. Still dreaming of meeting my prince. March 2010 my wish was granted. My prince literally danced and swept me off my feet in his arm dipped me down to the ground in a dance move. Their i knew my prince!! Qualities likewise to my father :-)

Been together for 6 years and in 2015 on Franskraal beach in Cape Town we took a stroll on the beach. Typical teacher i am, i started drawing cursive letters in the sand, learning my boyfriend Mark Bothma how to write cursive. As i was busy writing his name to show him how it should look, he already took his place in behind me on the beach on his knee with the most gorgeous engagement ring in his hand. As i was about to turn around i saw him down on his knee. Never ever have i screamed that loud, so that he stood up and asked so what is your answer. YES!!!YES!!!YES!!! absolute YES!!

My dreamed never stopped. With no parents or family i never gave up dreaming, without them i planned my dream wedding, like I've dreamed of it since i was a small girl my fairy tale wedding.

My wish was granted, We got married the 13th of August 2016 at Makiti Wedding venue is Krugersdorp. iIhad the most absolute perfect fairy tale wedding, fairy lights all over fairy tale garden with water features everwhere. With my father sitting in heaven looking down on me with proud in his eyes. I just knew that day he walked with me in spirit down the isle. Most memorable moments i will never forget and always will keep on dreaming. My fairy tale is not yet by his happy ending, i have my prince my fairy tale wedding. And still im living my fairy tale. Each little child, teenager and adult must never stop dreaming!!!

Dreams do come true, even i may not win this competitio. I know in the eyes of my father in heaven and Jesus and my husband, im the most beautiful bride of the year♥♥♥

"Infront of Jesus we are all the same all equal"

My Fairy tale
Gwen Bothma


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