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Shauna Afeltra

Married on May 14, 2016 in Gauteng

My Husband and I were set up on a blind date. we met. we dated. we got engaged and now we are married.

*Wedding date: 14 May 2016
*Theme: Beauty and the Beast / 17th Century Paris France
*Venue: Velmore Estate Hotel
*Decor: Cafe Fleur / Cor de Rosa
*Photographer: Foto Asylum Photography
Alice van Wouw - Three Sparrows - specific photos
My personal camera
*DJ and Lighting: Blast-e music specialists
*Cake: Micaela Leitao - The barefoot Bakery
*Wedding Gown: Marlize Coetzee Boshoff - Immagika Creative Designs
*Hair and Make up: Princess binx - Bianca Albasini
*Our wedding day was very special as it was our 2 year anniversary, we got engaged on the 14th of May 2015 and decided our anniversary would be a great day to get married.
We based our theme on my favorite love story, which seemed fitting as this story is about finding love in the most unexpected place with the most unexpected person, having met via a blind date set up we related to it strongly.
We mixed our Beauty and the Beast theme with 17th Century Paris France as we both have a passion for Paris France and French history, we chose our venue because it reminded us of the Palace of Versailles.

My dress was based on these themes as well as my Irish heritage which is where the blue in my dress comes in, Traditionally Irish brides wore blue, white fabric was expensive and impractical. White dresses were introduced by royals as they could afford to only wear a dress once.

Leading up to our big day, as with any wedding some things were not smooth sailing.
With two weeks to go my dress was not 100% finished and the dresses my mother was suppose to make for my brides maids were not done either so off I went to buy last minute off the rack dresses for them, luckily the flower girl was all sorted.

On the day we had planned to have an outdoor wedding but it rained :( soo we had to be moved indoors (thank goodness for back up plans)
We were due to get married at 3 pm but by that time I was still not dressed, I ran 30min late, I swear he thought I wasn't going to pitch up...
Finally we were ready to go and the car that was going to drive us to the chapel refused to start, my Papa had to ask his driver ( who was attending as a guest) too bring his wife's car around as it was so wet we could not walk and the wedding planners car was not enough for all of us.

Because of the sudden change in venue my isle music was now too long so we waited some more, my poor husband... I almost tripped walking down the isle - I now see the value in having someone walk you haha
I was incredibly nervous until I finally reached my husband to be we then chatted and joked while waiting for the music to finish, thankfully the service ran smoothly.
Photographs were cut short due to rain and we ran early for our reception.
Despite all the little things that went wrong or unplanned I had fun and married the man of my dreams and that was all that mattered :)


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Café Fleur / Cor de Rosa

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