Married on May 28, 2016

Our Happily-Ever-After Love Story - BEST DAY EVER

I had dreamed of my white, princess wedding since a young girl, and I am so blessed to say my wedding day was absolutely PERFECT for me in every way! I can truly say it was the best day of my life and everything on the day (venue, dress, decor, vows) reflected my personality and character. I chose to personalise everything from head-to-toe, starting back with the invitations (see in gallery). Reflecting back, I would not have changed a thing! Not only am I totally in love with my new hubby, but also with our wedding day-perfect for us in every way!

Brief history:
Michael and I met naturally by chance (fate) back in 2009, and were dating by the 31st May that year...We have never been apart since! We then got engaged in December 2012 as we knew we had each found "the one". However, I was still studying my Psychology degree (until end 2014, with internship 2015) and we couldn't afford to marry anytime soon...but we knew it would come in the perfect timing...and that it did!

During 2015, a competition popped-up in Essentials Magazine called "Win The Wedding Of Your Dreams" and unbeknown to me, my hubby entered via SMS literally 50 times!!! We were then selected into the top 3 couples based on number of entries, and then the real competition began! We had to have an interview at Caxton where we sat with a panel of female Caxton staff who asked us all kinds of questions as to why we would suit the prize/deserve it. We were true to ourselves and opened up to these ladies with our full story of our love journey thus far. A week or so later we got the life-changing call to say...WE WON! And so our wedding journey began...

Our Wedding Day (and our Happily-Ever-After):
Our wedding was held at The Farm Inn in Pretoria, Silverlakes. They generously sponsored part of the "Win The Wedding Of Your Dreams" prize, their venue for 30 people. This venue could not have been more perfect for us! It was natural, outdoors and elegant. Michael and I both LOVE wildlife, animals and nature. At The Farm Inn we got to make use of their cute but somewhat stubborn donkey (to bring me down to the aisle to the song "Somewhere over the rainbow" by IZ), their majestic Cheetah called Michelangelo for our photo shoot in their nature reserve (including a dam!), and an outdoor, wooden chapel deck next to a wetland that hosted an array of birds, including Love birds! Finally, our reception was held in their outdoor, covered bush boma, with a crackling,romantic bonfire in the center of the room. We could not have asked for more (except maybe that our dogs could have been the ring bearer and flower girls, he he)!
Besides the unique elements just mentioned above, we also chose to do a sand blending ceremony and release white doves at our ceremony as symbolic elements, personal to our values. Hubby and I each held and released a snow-white dove and then 19 more white doves followed into the air and circled above us. It was breathtaking! Furthermore, during our cocktail hour and the reception, other unique elements we had were a caricature drawer sketching each couple and entertaining with his charm and quirky charisma, as well as a live singer who also played 4 instruments! He was his own one-man band and was excellent to portray the relaxed yet "crisp" vibe we wanted.


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By D Zign Photography

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