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Tina Penney (Hyatt)

Tina Penney

Married on Apr 30, 2016

I would really like to share our wedding because it was such a special day for all involved.
My name is Tina and I married Dale Penney on the 30th April. Dale and I have dated for 4 years and have been very excited for this day for a long time now. But sadly, just over a year ago Dale was diagnosed with brain cancer. He had 2 surgeries to remove the tumors, several treatments of chemo and radiation and has been monitoring it strictly since. It was just when he started feeling a lot better again that he asked me to marry him.

We got engaged in July 2015 and have both loved every minute of wedding planning. I grew up in Kenya and all my family is either still there, in Malawi or Capetown, this meant I had to plan a wedding on my own. What made this special for me was how interested Dale was in creating decor and centerpieces, and supporting me in any planning I had to do; he usually is a real man's man and tends not to get involved.
Dale is a plumber and I am a grade 7 teacher in a remedial school in Durban. When deciding what theme to go for and what colours to use we decided to incorporate these aspects from our lives. Autumn is our favorite time of year so we used this as our inspiration and theme. I wanted our decor to give our guests a sense of warmth so we decided on Copper as the main colour with shades of charcoal and rose gold with white as a base. Dale used his skill with copper pipe to make copper candelabra centerpieces for each table. My kiddies at school really wanted to get involved somehow, so I started a recycling program at school, where all the children brought glass jars, tin cans and pine cones in exchange for house points. I collected a HUGE number of these and over the weeks I spray painted them with a great metallic copper that I felt would work well as vases for white roses and babies breath.
February was when Dale had his last scan and when it came back clear we knew this was going to be a very special wedding!! The leaves started falling in March and I collected these too, coating them in copper and adding them to our huge stash of copper pine cones.
I really started to feel this wedding was going to be extraordinary, so I wanted to get an incredible photographer to capture every moment and memory. We saw Tyron's photos on Facebook and Dale INSISTED that he was the one! He was adamant! I'm so glad he wanted Tyron cause I have been blown away by the photos and it was these that I knew I had to share.
Family travelled from all corners of the world to be with us, family we hadn't seen in years some even decades! Friends and family rallied together and funded a one week honeymoon to Zanzibar which turned out to be heaven on earth!
So here are a FEW of our special moments...


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