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Roelandi Engelbrecht

Married on Apr 9, 2016 in Limpopo

Our wedding day wasn’t a type of wedding anybody would’ve expected. It consisted of a 'first look' before the wedding, praise and worship during the ceremony, an alter call and communion after the ceremony. It was all about celebrating God and His goodness. We had very little tradition because we wanted the wedding to reflect us as a couple.

Our wedding day started out by my soon to be husband dropping by the bridal suits to give me a gift and to pray for the day. We couldn’t even make 30 seconds before we both burst out in (happy) tears. It was an emotional moment as we both were overwhelmed with love and joy. As the day progressed and I started with my hair and make-up, I kept praising God for his goodness and thanked Him for the husband he had given me.

Right before the ceremony, Dehan and I had a “first look”. We knew we were both emotional and would’ve cried way too much if we saw each other for the first time in the ceremony. It was awesome doing this as we spent a few minutes just with each other and talk and chat about anything and everything. We also did the majority of our couple shoot in this time which ensured that we had enough time to enjoy a few drinks with our guests after the ceremony.

Our ceremony area was made up beautifully, the venue placed a few bottles of water at the entrance door and made everything look amazing with leftover flowers and greenery. My father and Fiancé built the arch that we got married in front off, it was made out of old grapevines from my in-laws farm. It was a rough but beautiful piece that stood out against the beauty of the bushveld.

We chose simplistic and elegant decor and a very natural colour palette with saturated greens and gold. We decided on candles instead of big floral centrepieces to help contribute to a festive family-style dinner. Our stationery was designed with a minimalists hand and the little details added to the softness of our day.

One decor element we LOVED was our table seating chart. We designed it ourselves and with the help and love of our friends we managed to stick the 1.8m x 2.2m pure white, delicate sticker onto a sheet of chocolate colour stained wood. It stood on the front lawn where cocktails were being served during canapés which meant everybody could find their seats easily.

I think if you ask anybody who was at our wedding what stood out for them, they would all say the exact same thing, the food and the atmosphere. While we were still planning the wedding we wanted it to feel as if we all were at a dinner and we happened to get married. For us that is exactly what it felt like, we were having a beautiful candle lit dinner with our 90 closest friends and family and we just casually slipped in a wedding :D

Our wedding day was simply magical and perfect. It was everything we had planned and hoped it would be. All Praise and Glory to God who provided for us and made all things work together for our good.


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