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Rebekah Clark (Bailey)

Rebekah Clark

Married on Apr 23, 2016

The morning of the 23rd started off a little rough, but it soon turned into something beautiful.

I scrambled around all morning trying to be on time to make it to the hotel where the girls and I were dressing. I felt that I was running late but time was being my friend, I had plenty of time. I loved the idea of putting on my wedding dress, the new alterations and the way it sat was fabulous. I had it on so many times but I knew this will be last time I would ever have to put it on again.

The morning went by so quickly, the girls where dressed, hair was done, they looked so pretty and their tears and giggles made it extra fun to be with them. I had the slight feeling that my mother looked the best out of everyone, including myself. Her struggle to find the perfect outfit paid off in the end, however she would look pretty in anything. My fabulous photographer, which we flew up from Durban to Johannesburg. Barry Bowditch, spent the morning with us, capturing every special moment.

Before I knew it we, my father and I were standing outside the Voortrekker Monument Chapel waiting for the queue on music to step a foot in. At first it was a little confusing as we did not exactly pick out music long before the time, bless my wonderful husband for always being last minute on his tasks, but he remembered the song I wanted, Make You Feel My Love, by Adele. I remember seeing the look on my special friend’s face as I walked into the chapel, the smile, the tears, everything was exactly how I imagined his emotion as expression to be. I don’t really remember much from this part forward, everything happened so fast. The service was lovely, people were laughing and some crying but the atmosphere was something special, something unique.
We had our reception at a beautiful hotel, Cricklewood Manor, the tea party theme was perfect for the wonderful 1930 setup the hotel has. I was rather happy with the wonderful setup my décor lady, Lizelle from Angel Lights done for us, I could not have asked for a more on the ball, perfectionist like her. Everything I asked for was done, her eye coordination and plan to detail was something that stood out the most. Being a very particular person myself, I knew she was perfect the job. The flowers and candles where done to excellent quality, it was just perfect. The food was wonder, who said a lovely finger eating old Victorian tea party was not for weddings? It was wonderful, the food was heavenly.

A wedding is not complete without family, we could only invite the closest of closest family and friends and that was perfect. Everyone there meant something to us, everyone played an important role in our relationship stage, and engagement. Family is way more important than anything in this world.

The best part of the day was not having to bid my best friend a good-bye, now that I married him. No more tears at the airport, no more long distance calls, lonely nights or any sadness, just tightly together, forever.


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