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Pravisha Govender

Married on Apr 3, 2016 in Kwa-Zulu Natal

The perfect wedding.

It was a fairy tale wedding like no other. The most beautiful day anyone could have ever asked for the weather had played its part,everyone was in high spirits throughout the build up to the big day. My groom and I were so excited as we entered the Woodhurst Multicutural Hall dressed in our exquisite eastern attire. Our decor and scrumptious food was provided by Indian Delights, our beautiful and amazing stage decor which resembled a moroccan temple was set up by none other than Koogan Pillay Stage decor. As we entered the hall pyrotechniques illuminated our entrance from either side of the red carpet. It was a stunning wedding that was captured just as beautifully by our photographer and videography expert Enzophotography.


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