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Nadia Brits

Married on Apr 29, 2016 in Gauteng

Our wedding was a fairy tale, something out of a book.
My soon to be husband gave me an awesome look,
walking down the isle with tear filled eyes
in this moment it felt like floating in the skies.

Navy blue with yellow flowers combined, was divine.
We had a greenfield view, with skies so blue.
Friends and family from all around
gave our wedding a beautiful sweet sound.

The formalities in the chapel are done
We set out for some fun.
the photo shoot session was a blast
we both wished it could last

And then ... the photos get lost
O dear we can have some more fun
Thank goodness the pictures were saved
nothing could ruin this beautiful day

After a wonderful time in the sun
yet again we get to unexpected fun
We swayed into the hall
With everyone shouting a great call

We walk around once or twice
around and around like a dice
Finally we end up by the cake
to bad it wasn't next to a lake

We now can sit down and rest
so far it has been the best
now the speeches start
wait I want to tell you the best part..

DANCING in the middle of the hall
it was almost as big as a mall
"How long will I love you" was the song
I could dance with him all night long

My dad and I took the stage
some people will say we are strange
we did the "Hokey Pokey" about five times
after just practicing once or twice

Our wedding day was great
I can't tell you what we ate
the night went by so quick
before we new it we were off the hook

It is now 12PM time for a peaceful rest
because our wedding day was the best.


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