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Michelle Mortelmans (Van den Berg)

Michelle Mortelmans

Married on Apr 27, 2016

Opening the dance floor with a waltz, to a fairytale song, singing of dreams coming true and happy endings... this is truly a fairytale romance!! I found my Boaz... God gave me the perfect husband, a perfect wedding day, and a perfect start to a bright new future.

Only a few months ago, it seemed as if I would face all the troubles of life on my own, going through numerous hardships in 2015, and coming closer to my 30th birthday, things didn't look as bright. I gave up on marriage, and I gave up on love. Only to find my answer to my prayers...

Glenn, my amazing husband and best friend, went through a divorce, same time as when I hot rock bottom, with almost everything that one could think of, going wrong. He believed in me, when I couldn't believe in myself anymore. He brought back my smile as he took all the pieces that was left of my heart, and as a Celine Dion song "loved me back to life". Not long after we became friends, and supported each other, he asked me to be his girlfriend, and before the big question was asked, we knew what we wanted. And that was a perfect forever.

Arranging a wedding in less than a month, and every detail just falling into place, we couldn't believe how easy everything has been... We feel so amazingly blessed with everything, with love that we have found, with hope even though we had reason to become bitter towards life, we feel blessed with specials moments we have, and the beauty of our love. We feel blessed with the family that we have and the joys they share. We feel blessed that God gave us a heart to love, a companion for life and reason to live each day to the full. ?


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