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Lisah Mbobela

Married on Apr 30, 2016 in Eastern Cape

Our big day was on the 30th April 2016, a cool calm blessed day we had (some say it was a cold day) but not to us. My husband and I met through work consultations. He told me that the first time he saw me we were attending a meeting and I was sitting alone in the corner of the conference room, the very first moment he saw me he said to himself: "That's the woman I'm gonna marry". I didn't see him that day, apparently I walked passed him, didn't greet and spoke to other co-workers..LOL! I had been looking at my life, the direction it was going and I decided to have a one on one with God and ask Him about his plans for my future. I went on a fast for a week, every day I would wake up in the mornings pray, go to work, pray during the day, drink tea or coffee, then break the fast at 6pm and eat a light meal. During my fast I was aggressive with God, I said to God: Father I am getting old, I need to know if you created me to have a husband on this earth or not. If I'm not gonna get married please help me to accept that and have peace with it, I don't want to grow be an old woman with bitterness because I never got married. If you created me to get married, bring my husband to me, I am not going go look for him, he must come to me, I'll sit here at home and wait. I said Lord I'm tired of being in and out of relationships getting hurt, I'm not doing that anymore. I became so bold, I said to My Father, I do not want to wait long for a response from Him, not after 3 months, not after 6 months, not after a year or 2 I want the response before this month ends which was in August 2013. My 1 week fast ended and I bet you after 2 weeks of my fasting myPrince came and he asked me to marry him, he said he doesn't want to waste time getting to know me, he just wants to marry me and at that moment I didn't have any doubts in my heart, I said OKAY!....and then I looked up I said God...really? Is this you? And the rest is....bliss:) I give all glory to God loving and uniting us!


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