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Leigh Long (Bubb)

Leigh Long

Married on Apr 30, 2016

Our engagement was very special, something you'd find in a story book fairy-tale. Noel arranged with my boss, to have a fire drill evacuation on Friday 18th September 2015. At 10:00 we were all told to evacuate the Eye and Laser Institute building for a practice Fire Drill. I did not for one moment imagine what was about to unfold. As we, the staff of Medical Forum Theatre gathered on the grass patch outside the Admin Centre I heard sirens blearing in the distance and saw a fire truck pull up on the side of busy Cape Road just before my office building. I saw cameras and some staff members taking photos but not for one moment did I think anything strange was going on. About 5 Minutes later Noel emerged from the fire truck dressed in full fire man gear and headed towards me on the grass patch where I was standing. Only once he removed his helmet did I actually realise who he was and what was happening. I was shocked and couldn't believe my eyes. He then proceeded to get down on his knee and asked me if I would do the honour of being his wife and I immediately responded with a "YES" as I had no doubt in my mind that Noel, my best friend, is the man I want to grow old with. It was the most memorable moment of my life and I felt so special as Noel went out of his way to declare how much he loves me in front of all to see.

Our engagement was very unique and special and was featured in the Herald Live Face book page: see link :

We chose tying the knot in the quaint little Salem Methodist church as it's a sentimental place for Noel as he spent much time on his grandfather's farm in Salem while growing up.
When deciding on where to get married there was no doubt that a country wedding with a rustic farm-style theme would be the setting. I absolutely love lace and chose a Wedding Gown which has a lace empire bodice with sleeves which was something a little different and gave a more classic look.
I have always loved the colour purple and finally decided on the colour "aubergine" for my Maid-of-Honour and bridesmaids dresses and opted for variety shades of purple for the rest of our rustic farm-style theme wedding décor.
I opted for a purple, single stemmed beaded rose instead of the traditional bouquet and had corsages made for my Maid-Of-Honour and my bridesmaids. Flowers were incorporated into the table décor and in the church. We used, succulents (vet-plante), enamel cups (which were hand painted in my colour scheme to fit in with the rest of the farm-style theme rustic décor), wreathes, berries, lanterns, wire farm animals, hessian, fynbos which all contributed to the "all-round" rustic farm-style theme wedding décor.
Handmade décor: The bride's father, Mr Les Bubb, handmade the pew décor - heart-shaped lace hanging letters which spelt out the word "C.E.L.E.B.R.A.T.E" which we hung on the pews and then later incorporated into the reception décor.
The bride's mom, Val Bubb and Dad, Les Bubb, also made all the napkins in the aubergine colour to go with the colour scheme.
Flowers: We opted for corsages for the Maid of honour and bridesmaids and a single stemmed beaded rose for the bride as opposed to the traditional bouquets you have at weddings.
We made our own "take me home" favours consisting of jams, marmalade, chutney, and salad dressing made by the bride's father, Les Bubb, while the bride and groom also helped with putting it all together.
It was an all-round family effort to create the most perfect wedding day for Noel and me.
It was the perfect Day and I married my best friend :)


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