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Karin Burger (Odendaal)

Karin Burger

Married on Apr 9, 2016

Coenraad and I have been together for 6 whole years before he finally asked me to marry him... I was ready to ask him myself as I was so eager to take the next step. I was so shocked when he did ask me that he had to ask me twice! Oops...

We decided on the 9th of April 2016 as it was my mother's birthday on the 10th. An early birthday prezzie perhaps? :)

So, the planning was super hard as we are from a tiny town and 2 hours drive from the city... And an DIY outdoor wedding was super risky as it gets quite windy up at the venue. But, our loved ones were only too happy to jump in and help us. So much love has gone into this day.

My mom helped me make most of the decor on the tables. She also handmade the gifts for our 80+ guests! My dad did the manly stuff which meant bending iron rods, cutting little stumps for the lanterns on the tables, etc etc...

So many others have put in a helping hand especially on the Saturday morning when I could not be there myself. I cannot thank my hubby enough for everything he did, as well as all the patience in the world!

The day of the wedding started off a bit hot, but cooled off with the setting sun. (The owners of the venue later told us that the wind was quiet for that day only...) I was soooo excited, and yet very nervous. A thousand things go through your mind at once.

The layout for our ceremony was very basic but with that rustic feel to it. Our guests were seated on haybales covered with hessian, the aisle strewn with rose petals and the iron and grape vine arch stood in front.

After the ceremony our guests enjoyed some refreshments and a variety of bread as starters.

We had so much fun at the reception, the music was great, the food was delicious and everyone had such a good time. The evening cooled off just enough and the wind was just a slight breeze. Everything was perfect!

By the end of the evening it was so sad to say goodbye... But at last my husband and I had some time to ourselves to reflect on the evening and everything that went into it.

We celebrated my mom's birthday the next day and on Monday we were off to a much needed holiday.

Obviously there are some things you sometimes wish you had done differently, but at the end of the day our guests had a blast and we were able to enjoy it with them.


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