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Joy Beaula Glennis Mosikili

Joy Beaula Glennis Mosikili

Married on Apr 30, 2016

I met my husband on the 8th of March 2016. Guess it was love at first sight. After two weeks, we got engaged. We had planned to get married in October 2016,seeing that he birthdays on the 6th and I birthday on the 7th, so it would be perfect to have our wedding on my dad's birthday, the 8th October. My husband got admitted to hospital a few days after our engagement. On the second day open visiting him,he asked me why we waiting to get married? I guess the pain killers they gave him was really powerful, lol. He decided to move the wedding up to 30 the April 2016. I was shocked cause I know we will never get a venue at such notice and the running around will be too much. He told me to leave it up to him. He asked me what my dream wedding was,cause he knows every girl plans her wedding from the age of 16,lol. I told him a garden wedding, like a forest with sunflowers. My instructions were to send invitations. I was a nervous wreck, I felt like nothing was going to go accordingly cause I had no control over anything. And I mean anything! My husband on the other hand was so relaxed so calm, so sure, so in control. The last week I felt like calling it quits and postpone it in order for me to control some of it at least. I was so scared that my fairytale wedding will not materialise as in my head,my day dreams. But I trusted my husband. On the day of my wedding I was 2 hours late. Lol I was worried when I get there I might just not go through with it cause it's not what I wanted...but as I got out my wedding dress, that my husband chose, I was WOWED. Amazing like princess. So when my mom and family saw me in my dress and they were amazed, I knew now I wanted to get to my Upon my arrival....I was scared and nervous for nothing, he exceeded my expectations. The trees, the tiffany chairs with sunflowers, the garden...It was like I was and angel in the garden of Eden. It was amazing. My husband pulled off my dream wedding within less then a month, from the dress to the reception. This wedding was funded by his salary alone. Our traditional wedding and my white wedding. This left us broke. I knew no honeymoon after the wedding, no fine dining,no being spoiled like the princess I was on my wedding day. It was a sacrifice he made and i appreciate that more. I had my dream wedding, its all I have ever wanted in any event and I got it. It feels like no matter how many times I tell him I'm proud of him, I'm blessed, I'm thankful, no amount of words of appreciation can ever make him understand really what he has done for me. My wedding, was indeed a day that the Lord has made to perfect perfection. I love my husband and his beautiful heart,for only God knows how much I appreciate the man he has packaged perfectly, just for me to enjoy for the rest of my fairytale life. :)


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