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Jodi-Kim De Allende (Kallis)

Jodi-Kim De Allende

Married on Apr 7, 2016

Our love story began way back in Primary School, we just never knew it yet.

We dated in College and my mother was convinced, this is the man i'm going to marry (even long after we had broken up).

A few years went by, without us having any contact at all. Both moved on with our lives, I moved away, however I won't argue, there wasn't a day that went by that I never thought of him.

I eventually ended my life in Langebaan and decided I'm coming back to Cape Town.
I was back for a year and wasn't really in the mood for dating and getting my heart broken.
One evening I get a message on Facebook from Byron De Allende ( remember we havent had contact for like 4 years).
We start chatting and he then asked if he could see me.

He rocked up at my place the next evening to say "Hi"
We went on our first date the weekend thereafter, as friends.
Our main aim was to build our friendship again, well, we built more than that.

I believe we were Destined to be together!

10 months later on the 2nd May 2015 (my birthday), we posing for a photo and i feel his heart beating in his neck.
I look up to him and i'm like "Baby, whats going on, why is your heart beating in your neck?"
I then look the other way and look back his way and there he is down on one knee asking me to Marry him. Oh my word, I was speechless, I'm going to marry the man of my dreams.

We then decided on a date and started planning, the planning was a nightmare and somehow fun, but more a nightmare.

Two days before our big day, i'm like "I can't do this, there is still a lot we need to do, just call it off!"

I eventually got over myself, ran around on Good Friday getting all the last minute things, spending all my money I just got paid #sadface

The day arrived and i was extremely calm, like nothing could get me down.
The venue called me to find out if i'm sure I still want everything outside because its going to rain, I was determine, it's outside and it wont rain.
I only wrote my speech the morning of the wedding and the wedding started at 11h30.
OH lets not forget, my VOWS were one and a half pages long!

The day turned out to be a perfect fairy tale for the both of us as well as all our guest.

The rain came pouring down as we left the venue, once everything was done and all our guest had left around 18h00.

On our way home from the venue, we stopped to get a pizza for supper as we had a lunch wedding.
My husband made me get out of the car with him in my wedding dress, in the rain to order.

I loved every minute of our day and I will for sure enjoy every minute of our lives together.


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