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Ilsa Els

Married on Apr 30, 2016 in Western Cape

I have never dreamt of my wedding day. How I am going to decorate, what my flowers will look like, where I am going to get married. I did however enjoy looking at rings and dresses.
After dating my then boyfriend for a while, I realised I was getting more and more into this wedding thing. Still never planning anything, just wanting a wedding!

Once engaged with a beautiful that has so much more meaning than any other for me, being his moms diamond, the only thing I couldn't wait for was to marry this man and be able to share it with my dear friends and family. That was the most important thing for me. To be able to say thank you to everyone who stood by us and supported our love for each other.

I was very quick to decide on colour scheme (originally lavender and white - unable to follow through with this with the shortage of flowers at this time of year), my dress (I think I bought it a month after I was engaged if I remember correctly) and we chose our venue and date relatively quickly as well!
I decided from the start that I wanted to do my own decor to make it more personal. We designed our own invites and, with the help from my dear mother, made the table runners, bunting and organised table settings.
I was very lucky to have a close friend of mine make my cake, her mother do our flowers and a friend be the DJ. It made the whole experience more "homey". (if I couldve had a street party where everyone brings a plate of eats and dances the night away under fairy lights I would have!)
All the planning was under control and set and ready to happen!

Two days before the wedding, my husband was retrenched. My heart broke, his heart broke. I wanted to cancel the wedding, the honeymoon and return my dress and everything else we had bought or paid for. It was the worst timing possible. This, I would not wish on anyone. Nevertheless, we decided getting married is a once in a lifetime event and we need to do it and go on honeymoon and just put this news aside for now.

And in all honesty, from when I woke up the day of my wedding til the first or second day of our honeymoon, I didn't think about this at all. Everything on that day was just beyond words imaginable. I didn't wake up with birds singing and sunshine radiating through the windows onto my face, I woke up with a sore throat, a headache from hell and good old body aches. But what does that even matter on your wedding day?

On we went to getting ready, hair done by Danielle Roelofse, make up done by Derdre's Face and Body, all in the company of bridesmaids, family and animal family!
Ready, Set and to the church we went...

Arrived early. Went for a drive. Ended up being 15minutes late.
Bridesmaid enter.
Doors closed.
Bagpipes start.
Doors open.
Bride enters with the father figure she wished she had.

Walking down that isle was like walking on clouds. As ridiculous as it sounds. Seeing everyone in one place, family and friends, and through them all, your husband to be standing at the end, waiting for you, trying to hold back his tears. Helped me nothing with trying not to cry.

Married by Dominie Nel, the most humble and honourable man I have met yet. With a very sneaky sense of humour, we signed and walked out into a crowd of extreme happiness, love, laughter, joy, excitement, tears and smiles.
So blessed.

Photo time was horrid. It was ice cold, wind blowing like no tomorrow. With the help of the bridesmaids and groomsmen, it was bearable. But let's just say we were very happy when we could get back into the car and drive to the venue!

Walking into the venue (inside now due to weather) was too exciting for words. The cheers and clapping and pure joy we felt. I really don't think we will have that moment again. All the decor up that we had worked on, all the faces of those we love, the music and of course the wine! We could have some wine, finally!

Speeches were another story with my two very funny sisters who "knighted" my husband into the family group. BGE as its known.
And Mo, my very dear Mo from America. You touched everyone's heart without knowing anyone there.
Dancing the night away with Mike's foot tapping music, his brother, Greg, leading us in special dance moves to certain songs (now a tradition in our friends group).

I cannot remember many specific details to be honest, I just remember my face was sore from smiling, but not enough to stop me from carrying on!
Greeting people, hugs and kisses, thank you's and goodbye's. Oh and of course cutting the cake! Our very cute surprise owl cake made by Katelyn.

I remember a moment where I went to the bar and sat there alone looking at everyone and just thinking, "WOW! all this for us? We are so very lucky to have such "lekker" people in our lives".

I had my new surname, my ring, my dress, my husband, my family and my friends. And everyone had a smile on their face. What else do you need for a wedding? Well, other than food and wine, but that was there so it was okay!
Everything that went "wrong" was so not worth worrying about. It was a grain of sand in a huge rock. A rock of love, friendship, respect, happiness and growth.

The day would not have been the same without our family and friends. I will eternally be grateful for all the help and love that night.
So blessed.
Forever grateful.


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