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Azillahe Loedolff

Married on Apr 2, 2016

No one can prepare for the emotions that you experience during your own wedding. From the first day when we got engaged, I couldn't wait to begin planning our special day. The venue was the most important part, as this is where our lives become one, so it had to be special. We chose Cathedral Peak Hotel because of that. The mountains and the fresh air is precisely what we were looking for. As the day progressed, I still couldn't believe that we are actually getting married, for real! It was a dream come true. When I had my dress on, all the emotions started spilling through my head, that this was IT. This is the day when we become legally one. As I saw my mom at the church to walk me in, I just could not keep it together anymore. It was so special having her to walk me in. As I saw Lawrence standing in front, the tears started again. All the music stopped playing in my head, it was as if I was in a dream and it was just us two. During our vows tears started again, as the joy I felt that he is truly a God's gift that was sent to me. After a mishap that I mistook his right hand as his left during the rings exchange, everyone just started laughing as Lawrence also did not notice and I was struggling to fit a perfect fit ring onto a bigger right finger.

After all the excitement the kiss sealed our love and felt like an hour's, kiss just me and him. As the sun set in the back we had the most gorgeous photo's taken with the Drakensberg, Cathedral Peak, in the background. The first dance was a story on each own, as Lawrence does not dance, not even the "los" dance. He truly have two left feet, but our dance was perfect none the less, as he tried and it did not matter, even though he twirled himself spontaneously, cause I can't have all the fun like he said.

After more crying from me while he declared his feelings, I had to say a few words, which I almost even get out through all the tears, so he came up to me and gave me a hug and stood there while I thanked everyone. That's the little moments that show you, you have made the most perfect decision in choosing your soulmate, lover, best friend and father of your future children.

There's so much more I want to say, but some things are better when you experience it yourself, words can't describe all the wonderful things of our wedding. All that is left to say, is dreams definitely DO come true!!!!!


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