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Nolene Moodley (Naidoo)

Nolene Moodley

Married on Mar 27, 2016

How do I put my wedding into words…?
From the word go it was truly something amazing; everything just fell into place like it was fate. We all wish to have to have a fairy-tale wedding and expect it to be something like in a movie theatre. That was exactly what I had, because I was starring in my very own movie. Shocking, amazing and truly special.
When my husband, his parents and I started talking about marriage, we never thought of something huge, in fact it was supposed to just be a registration and a small get together at home but from that it was said to go to a small church and around 100 people. When we started making the list we came to the realisation that a place that accommodates 100 people just would not do because it went pass that list. Not forgetting to mention my husband is the only child, so reasonably inviting one and leaving another just wasn't going to happen.
We were all so stressed because we didn’t even make a wedding date as yet and now we were stuck without any venues. Each day passing stress was building up more and more.
We had seen nearly all the venues and all was either booked or closed for Easter. Left with one last option we decided to see the available date in March and the most amazing thing had occurred. There was only one day in March that this venue was available and it was the 27th of march- Easter Sunday. Without giving it a second thought we had booked it immediately. From not having a date and a venue we had both and it was only two weeks from the wedding.
When we started making the list we decided we would go up to 200 people but amazingly we went far beyond that and landed at 300-350 people. Days were getting closer and we had so much more to plan, food, catering, décor, the cake, most importantly my wedding dress. With less than two weeks now to the wedding we had received a call from a friend asking us about our wedding preps and asked me about my dress and if I had gotten it as yet. From the sheer stress of not having a dress and this phone call had really changed things so much. Our friend Lucy and her mum Sharmin had blessed me with a wedding dress of my dreams, I was at first worried it wouldn't fit but when I had first tried it out, it was a fitting like a glove.
Day in and out we were so busy with preparations and not enough sleep but the weird thing was everything was just falling into place, like a miracle.
On the day of my wedding, I couldn't believe how time was just going by so fast and I was totally nervous. At 2:30pm ready to leave home, as I jumped into the car with my bridesmaids I felt I was dreaming and it just didn't feel real at all. No matter how much tears wanted to roll down my eyes I couldn't help but smile, because I thought if this is a dream I want to embrace it.
As we approached the venue and I was getting ready to walk down the aisle I started to get butterflies in my tummy and even thou I stood in front of 100s of people I couldn't wait to reach the stage and be handed off to my groom.
In less than a month my fairy-tale of a wedding was planned. I believe god had wanted it this way.
It was not only a dream to walk down in that beautiful dress escorted by loving brother and friend but to stand next to my life partner, to say my vows and be entertained by family and friends who had travelled from afar to be at our wedding.
I look forward to each day with my life partner because I am truly blessed to have him in my life. Although it has been more than a month so far it feels so unreal and its hard to believe. Each day waking up next to the love of my life is my dream come true.
For all who reads this, don’t look for something extraordinary in a person, if it is meant to find you it will. For when two hearts are put together no more can tear that apart. My husband as brought so much of happiness into my life and i am very fortunate to have a loving husband and loving in-laws.
So to all it doesn't matter how much time you got to prepare your wedding but its how you manage that time and who you have with you to help, that loving partner holding your hand even when you feel weak at the knees encouraging you to go on one step further.


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