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Missy van der Walt

Married on Mar 19, 2016 in Gauteng

Lohan and I got married on the property of Pretoria High School for Girls. A venue that not many would consider as a wedding venue. We loved the look and colour of the main building and wanted that as our ceremony back drop.
Once that was decided, we knew it would be perfect to get married in the beautiful gardens leading up to the main building of Girls High.

Deciding on the garden for our reception was an easy one, but deciding on where we would have our reception was a bit more challenging - this is because our options were so vast. However knowing what we wanted, we decided on using the big Industrial Gymnasium that would fit all our guests in comfortably and have enough room for the dance floor.
I was a former pupil at Girls High almost 10 years ago and never did I imagine when I was a pupil that I would get married here.

We took a risk getting married at a high school as it doesn’t come with anything... But that is what we wanted - the freedom to create our perfect day which complimented us as a couple.
A bold decision we had also made was using Golden paper plates with Bamboo cutlery. This was definitely not the norm of a 'typical' wedding.

Our wedding reflected our style to the 'T' as we were able to mould and bend the rules as we wished. We really like making our own decisions. We handpicked all the details from the textures, fabrics, colours, food, music, cake, dress, etc to compliment our styles. Lohan and I have a very minimalistic style, eliminating clutter and mess. Our interests lie in nature - being inspired by the raw elements it produces. Our wedding reflects that perfectly as we chose elements that would make a statement and pull back on the unnecessary details that would fade into the background and just causes clutter. We focused on the important things and allowed the wedding to carry itself naturally.

I honoured Lohan's Aunt by accepting her wedding dress as my own which she has had for 30 years. I had then taken the dress to an excellent dress designer who helped me modernise the dress*

We chose to use Girls High as that was where my older sister had gotten married and I wanted to continue with the tradition.

I used the same lady who made my sisters cake to make mine. I involved my aunt who made all the beautiful cake decorations.

I had my 2 sisters as bridesmaids and Lohan had his brother and best friend as groomsmen and best man.

Lohan used my father's wedding band to create my Engagement Ring.

My Autistic brother was our ring bearer. He did such a great job and was very excited to bring us our rings.
Seeing all of this come to life on our wedding day really reflected the love we have for our friends and family. We wanted to involve everyone.

We decided on a harvest style meal which was shared between 8 people. I did not want to have our guests to have to dish up food at a buffet, I wanted the food to be served at the tables. This allowed our guest to interact with one another making it very relaxed and festive.

I bought bunches of flowers at the flower market which I pulled apart and placed into small golden vases on the table. I wanted an unfinished look and a dash of colour running along the table. The main flower decoration was a herb pot plant which we could re-use after the wedding. This saved us a lot of money and waste.
I made the flower wreaths including the one's my bridesmaids had. It was lots of fun picking flowers from my parent’s garden and creating something I could use on my wedding day. It was a team effort - the whole family eventually joined in.

Lohan and I choreographed our own first dance. We fooled our guests by started our dance with a very minimal sway from side-to-side. We asked our DJ to remix our song after about 2mins into our dance. Lohan and I acted very surprised when it reached the re-mix part and pretended to wonder what was going on. Our guests also didn't seem to understand this faulty song the DJ had just played. But to everyone's surprise, including our parents, Lohan and I had a whole remixed dance figured out. Our dance was about 10mins long of pure fun and entertainment. We had done this purposefully to give a relaxed feel to the wedding and to get the dance floor open and going.
It was something I always wanted to do. From a young child I had choreographed many dances with my sisters and found it fit to put on a show for our guests.
This was an element of definite surprise to all our guests.

At the end of the day I got to marry the man I love so dearly - the most important person in my life*

The incredible suppliers behind the scenes:
1. Make Up Artist_ Me (Missy Make Up Artist)
2. Photographer_ Leandri Kers
3. Hair_ Calvin Rom from Gary Rom
4. Dress_ Zanne Coutour
5. Stationery_ Chrystalace
6. Bar_ Moonshine Bar
7. Dj_ Sean Tucker
8. Cake_ Karen Purchase and Thelma Lockheart
9. Food_ Maura Gemeliaris
10. Videographer_ Blimp Films
11. Assistant Make Up Artist_ Jumandi Mc Dermott
12. Wedding Co-Ordinater_ White Lace Events


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