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Marile Botha

Married on Mar 21, 2016 in Gauteng

Perfect Time, Perfect Place, Perfect Reason, Perfect Person

We were secretly in love for 6 years.

I saw him at a concert, he had black hair and he sang my favourite song. It was, yes, love at first sight. We didn't meet that night however. We only figured everything out whilst dating...
One year later, I saw him at another concert. This time, he was acting a lead role. He had blonde hair and it was, yes, love at second sight. However, I did not put one and two together at that stage.I didn't recognise the rockstar I saw a year earlier. We met that night, and he knew who I was, because he saw me on stage as well a few years earlier...
So we were acquaintances, secretly in love, thinking we are both out of each other's league...

To make a long story short, we found our way to each other, got engaged after about 1 year and a half. We didn't have enough money for the wedding celebration yet though. We were engaged for approximately another year. When we eventually got enough money to say the I DO's, we planned the wedding in only 3 months. We COULDN"T WAIT to be husband and wife for all eternity!!

The wedding was absolutely perfect from beginning to end. It felt like a fairytale. Our theme was Sophistication, with edge, that is why we both wore lace-up boots. He bought doc martins for the occasion, which he believes symbolise our eternal love even more than our wedding rings, because doc martins live forever. They get character, but they basically last a lifetime. I bought sexy high heel boots to match our theme and our symbolism.

We had a tight budget, but we didn't want to compromise on our dream wedding. God blessed us with everything we needed and wanted to make our day perfect and flawlessly special! We had the best service providers! Dennis Lloyd made my beautiful wedding dress; Mirrors Salon did our makeup (me, my bridesmaids and my mom), Ella Bella styled our hair (inspired by the Vikings series), Biamor Photography captured our love-story. We got married at Makiti with their beautiful and romantic landscapes. Zelda Klopper gave a picture perfect finish to our passionate red and black theme with her flowers and decorations. Niekie Oosthuizen sponsored our delicious wedding cake as a wedding present. Wish I could have more of that cake!!!

We did not have your ordinary wedding. My dad (also the minister) blessed our ceremony before everyone entered the church. My now husband's mom walked him into the church to give him away, just as my dad gave me away to him and his family. I wanted to cry before walking into the church because of the overwhelming feeling, but I promised myself I wouldn't let my makeup smudge.:P He cried when I walked in, all my dreams came true marrying my best friend and the most amazing lover, and the man I've been waiting for my whole life. In the middle of our opening dance, I organised for a "blackout", so that I can surprise my new husband with a shorter latin wedding dress. My bridesmaids helped me take off half of my dress. And when the lights came on, I was in a shorter dress. He loved it and it was a dance to remember! And the Makiti staff were incredible for playing along!

Now we make every day our anniversary. Not just monthly or yearly. Our wedding was just the celebration of our love, but our lives together are the reason for love.


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