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Marike Jooste (Moller)

Marike Jooste

Married on Mar 12, 2016

How does a person put in words a once in a lifetime kind of wedding - the kind of wedding where every single person you love in your life showed up to celebrate your once in a lifetime kind of love. The kind love that without a doubt makes you say today I marry my soul mate. Well that was what our wedding was like. Although emotionally and figuratively it was the most beautiful day of my life - it literally was beautiful beyond compare. The decor, the flowers, the venue, the bridesmaids, the groomsmen- the pastel colour scheme in the forest it all made it feel like a true fairy-tale - as my decor lady Carol said it - A pastel wonderland - now that is one talented woman. Her eye for detail - her love for flowers and creative mind - it’s like a magical journey working with her and experiencing her work and seeing her work she can turn any venue from something ordinary into something extraordinary and she will not allow one thing to be out of place because she gives it the care it deserves and also because she’s just that good - her work speaks for itself and you wouldn't ever hear her bragging about how good she is so I’ve decided to do that bit for her! We also had her awesome husband there and ironically he was our videographer - if only there was a place I could post the video on this site because he deserves to be raved about - also he is exactly the kind of spirit and presence you want around you when your nerves are shot whilst getting ready. He just made me feel like everything is going to be A - OKAY and he feels your emotions and moments as deeply as you do on the day, and that is exactly why he does such magnificent work - Andre made me watch our wedding highlight video almost 150 times already because it was so good and we are yet to see the full video - I can barely contain my excitement. In fact every single one of my suppliers were absolutely on par with their work - I don't have one negative thing to say about any of it. If you ask my friends they would be the first to tell you I am not an easy person when it comes to a big thing like this, I set the bar extremely high for myself as well as the people that help me - I know what I want and if I can’t have it the people I am paying to do it for me have to make a plan as best they can to make it, if not exactly the same, at least better than what I wanted it. Initially when the whole wedding planning started I had all my ideas fixed in my head and from there on out I did not have a single problem with any of my suppliers or the venue to make those ideas come to life. My husband and I were determined to get married in a forest and we managed to find a venue that has one only 2 and a half hours from joburg. I searched high and low for this venue and when I did I remember phoning my husband telling him we are driving to Chrissiesmeer(near Ermelo) tomorrow, needless to say he couldn’t understand why there until we both arrived there and felt the crystal clear peace and clarity this place makes you feel alongside the absolutely beautiful layout of the forest and the reception and accommodation for the guests. The way Ane and Nico, which are the owners ,make you feel and of course their 5 star team alongside them - especially Pauline and Thembi which by the way were the unsung heroines of our wedding day- they blew my guests as well as me and my husband away with their hospitality, love and care and most importantly their interest in making it the most special weekend for us - we were gobsmacked and we knew straight away this venue is the one. And at the end of the day it was the smoothest and most graceful planning event that I have ever experienced- it all turned out beyond any of my expectations - I am usually one for words but they all left me speechless and although these words don’t justify how amazing I think all my suppliers are all I can really say is WELL DONE!

It felt like I was in a dream our bridal party - the dream team - as we called them were absolutely beyond perfect. They were the biggest help and support on the day, as I did not have a wedding coordinator they each had a job to do on the day and I mean they made sure to do it to the best of their abilities. And all this just because of their love for my husband and I. I have never been more humbled by 12 human beings in my life - luckily they are all very good looking people so it was just a bonus to have them contribute to the beauty of the day. One of my husband’s groomsman was our MC and I mean you've never met a funnier yet kinder and just stellar person - he made it feel like a night at the OSCARS and he definitely had one of the toughest jobs out of everyone as basically everything was left up to him - to double check and be in charge of it all and to insure there were no hiccups - never mind that his wedding gift to us was to fly us to our incredible venue in a 6 seater plane just to start the weekend off with a bang and then the Sunday he also made sure to get us to the airport on time for our flight the next day to depart to our honeymoon. A best friend to us both but more so seen as a brother. He was one of the diamonds at our wedding.

I think in a nutshell to describe the feel of my wedding day would be that the day after the wedding one of my dearest friends sent me the most beautiful messages about how much her and her fiancé enjoyed our big day but the one thing she said was quite unique to me as this is not how people normally describe a wedding she said - " my friend your wedding was the most emotional and beautiful wedding I have ever felt and seen and I feel honoured to have been a part of something like that. “ You will see in my wedding gallery I tried to include the overall feel of the wedding and some of the pictures bare some raw emotion and it was just that, extremely intense - we had the whole family there and when I say family I mean even our 2 pups that we bought when we got engaged were there to walk down the aisle as a groomsman and a bridesmaid we had the gardener there as well as our beautiful 5 year old daughter so it was our family’s turn to give and feel as much love as we can for 3 days straight and did we feel the love indeed. I remember walking down the aisle and seeing all my bridesmaids standing there in their grace and beauty yet clothed in confidence and pride and when I looked to the right I saw my groom and all of his groomsmen and what’s more the pastor completely overcome with intense emotion - each one of them were in tears and that was only the start. We said our own vows and you may not know but our 5 year old daughter was our flower girl - my husband not being her biological father took on an extremely intense role when he came into our lives 4 and a half years ago and she knows only him to be daddy - he had proceeded to not only say vows to me but to her too which left everyone in that forest church in tears. Ill never forget how weak that made my knees I remember telling myself to keep it together because it will be my turn next!

Every dream and wish I had for the day I’ve always imagined since I was a little girl came true and I often catch myself now not trying to imagine my wedding one day - I now daydream about my actual wedding day and I am left with the most blissful feeling and biggest smile on my face once I snap out of it. I felt so extremely beautiful that day - obviously my stylist is any woman’s dream and I feel so lucky to have had him there - he did my make up and hair like a famous artist would treat a canvas whilst doing art - Dylan himself does not even realise how good he is and I will vouch for him over and and over again for any woman looking to look and feel their greatest and at their absolute best on their wedding day. My dress, my make up, my hair, everything was just the way I wanted it to be and I took my husbands breathe away when he saw me for the first time kind of like what he does to me every time he looks at me.

So I hope you enjoy looking at some of my pics from my most special day - oh and I bet your looking at the photos thinking WOW what photographer did she have - well let me tell you that photographer of mine has now signed a lifetime contract with me as she will become my family photographer - her eye for detail and her passion for capturing other people’s moments and helping people create perfect moments too,is just amazing to see. Yolandi Du Plessis is going big big places and to think she’s only been doing this thing for 3 years is just mind boggling to me. Her, and her amazing husband that helped out on the day, are 2 awesome human beings but besides getting to know them on a personal level - the photography is without a doubt the best photography I have ever come across in my life. I think it is safe to say after a whole year of intense planning and this planning was done all by myself, with the support of my perfect husband of course – Overall I feel as though I can truly say that I researched them all and my team was without a doubt the best team and I think this leads me to my final words.

I had the wedding of the century - and I truly hope I have a shot at winning this thing - because that day deserves to be talked about and to be seen by many people and many future brides - My only hope is to inspire those woman to have exactly what I had - Nothing less than perfection on every level and in every aspect.

So ... with all that being said and regardless of what happens - I get to go back to living my happily ever after and that is 1st prize to me at the end of the day.

Mrs Jooste - the wife.


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