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Karen Mouton

Married on Mar 26, 2016 in Gauteng

Our Awesome Wedding

Well as a little girl I used to dream about my wedding a lot and I would always fuss about the details of the wedding that I kind of never thought about the Husband that I was going to marry. That kind of changed when I met Jaco he was so sweet and kind and he just knew how to "turn my frown upside down". I just knew he was the one.

Planning for our wedding was a very tough time, everyone wanted to help but I'm the tipe of person that does the best planning on my own, so it caused some friction but my husband was always by my side when it felt like my world was falling apart he would pick me up and help with the load.

After all the planning and all the drama our day arrived and to my surprise everyone that I love so dearly pitched up and made it the most awesome wedding ever, the day before my wedding my cake just got ruined and it couldn't be saved.My family went above and beyond to make a new cake and surprised me om my wedding day. It was the most emotional surprise ever it made me see that no matter what I could always count on them and that I'm so blessed to have them in my live.

Its not me or my Husband that made our wedding special, It was the people who loved us that made it awesome.


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