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Jolandi Fourie (Nel)

Jolandi Fourie

Married on Mar 26, 2016

Our wedding was definitely one of the biggest ones I have ever attended. Words to describe it would be, perfect, unbelievable and wedding of the century. We got married in a small town called Douglas in the Northern Cape, starting with a ceremony at the NG Church and ending in a farm barn 9km outside the town called Luneburg. Mareli Cilliers from Koekedoor 2015 was our wedding planner, we had a doughnut wedding cake with a doughnut pudding bar for desert which was totally extraordinary. We loved every bit of our special day with little to no hick ups, especially seeing that it was such a big wedding. We had an open bar and the wedding only ended the next morning at half past 5. With God on our side and such a big group of family and friends, I believe we would have the most exciting journey of all time. And we thank everyone who helped and enjoyed this beautiful day with us.


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