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Jessica Jane Campbell

Married on Mar 20, 2016 in Gauteng

My husband and I had met seven years earlier while we were scarcely out of Primary School. My Husband Matthew decided a few months later that there was no one else he could possibly spend the rest of his life with and therefore spent the subsequent years making sure that when I finally got my life in order, he would be there, ready and waiting for me to realise how important he had become to me.

And he turned out to be right...We did and still do everything together after being married for almost a year. he is there for me through everything despite any challenge and his ferocious loyalty and genuine love lead that he had demonstrated finally culminated in the wonderful wedding that we shared with friends and family.

We had planned for almost a year with reams of help from my glorious mother and when that day finally came, neither of us could actually believe it. It is rare for everything to go smoothly however, I can really say that everything from my princess dress (not what I had wanted but what I had fallen in love with) to the weather, the venue and getting to share it with our fantastic guests really exceeded or expectation. If we could go back we would not change a thing. We felt as if we were on a movie set of the most perfect wedding, which set the theme for our future days of marriage.

To date, (28 February 2017) we have been married for 344 days. I love Matthew more and more everyday that we spend together. We can both honestly say we married our best friend and we look forward to spending forever together.


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