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Jaclyn Zackey-Tinkler (Zackey)

Jaclyn Zackey-Tinkler

Married on Mar 12, 2016 in Gauteng

Approximately 4 years to the date (12 March 2016), I had received a phone call from an old "friend" who I have always had the hots for. He was calling to tell me he had won a sales incentive trip to Zanzibar and he could bring a partner. Tommy told me that the 1st person he thought of was me. So I agreed and packed my bags for a trip to Zanzibar. We had a wonderful time! He then decided to relocate down to Cape Town to be with me as he thought I was THE ONE!! Soon after we fell pregnant with our little boy Sebastian and about 2 years later arrived little Xavier. We are so utterly in love and blessed, and attribute everything to God our Father.
Tommy had saved up enough money to marry me and afford me the wedding of my dreams. It wasn't lavish but everyone certainly had a wonderful time. We incorporated many Lebanese Traditions and Cultures in our wedding as my heritage is Lebanese. In one photo you will see me putting dough above the door of the home and throwing fruit symbolising health, prosperity & fertility. We also had a belly dancer that put on a fantastic show with fire and other instruments that made everyone get up and dance. It was really a festive reception! I wish I had said a few words to express how wonderful my husband is. He is truly a God-send, and I love him tremendously! If you are planning on getting married, make sure you are 100% sure, don't settle for anything less than what you want, because that special somebody is waiting there for you!! At 36 I waited a long time, been through good times and bad and had time out for myself before settling down, which I am so glad about. I am finally married to my dream man, the father of my children, he exceeds my expectations and never lets me down. He respects me and loves me as well as my large family! I would also like to thank all who helped me, with all the planning and making my day so special. Thanks to all the guests who made it such a memorable event and celebration.


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