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Haneshree Chegwidden

Married on Mar 5, 2016 in Kwa-Zulu Natal


Planning a Ballito wedding from the Western Cape...had its challenges. Haha! My wedding day was a day that I could never imagine. Yes, there were disasters, like any occasion, but the main thing was I still got to marry the man of my dreams. Mixing the Afrikaans and Indian cultures seemed daunting at first, but it ended up blending in seamlessly and in the end , I had a sentimental wedding that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Three months prior to the wedding, a fantastic opportunity arose for us to move to Johannesburg, which we did. And this definitely put a spanner in the works in terms of all the wedding prep that still needed to be done amidst the moving and settling into the new home, job and city.

We wrote our own vows...and there wasn't a dry eye in the crowd. It was so special and meaningful and hearing those promises from my fiance was the most special moment of our entire wedding. It just re-affirmed that I was marrying the man that God had made especially for me. We also did a fusion dance as our opening dance. We started with an English slow song, leading into a sokkie dance to an Afrikaans song and ending with a bhangra dance to an Indian song where our entire retinue had joined in. We all learnt the last part two days before the wedding. HAHA! Such fun!

So a I went for my final fitting 2 days before the wedding...and my dress did not fit! It was taken in waaaay too much and it wouldn't zip up - now you are not exactly in the right frame of mind when you look like a sausage in your wedding gown. We sat for four grueling hours at the seamstress to ensure that it was fitted correctly...only to then get a phone call from my sister to say that she cant find her wedding veil (it was my something borrowed). I now had to find a veil... ready made wasn't available from the 12 stores that I had called at 4pm ,TWO days before my wedding. We then rushed to the fabric store to buy the veil fabric and beadwork, at the till, I had to call my soon-to-be mum in law to please drive down from Vanderbijl park with her sewing machine to sew my veil. All in all , she ended up spending the night before the wedding sewing my veil and I ended up with a stunning veil for my wedding day.

So a March wedding in KZN is asking for humidity..and bot was it humid! I sweated in places I didn't know i could. LOL! Getting dressed with all those layers and trying to look "fresh"was a task indeed. So whilst I was getting my make up done, the wedding cake arrived. Now being two engineers, my fiance and I had designed a very specific animated cake that showed our personality. However, when I heard ,my bridesmaids whispering...I knew something was wrong. After the ceremony when we got to the we got to cut the cake, I saw the disaster...the cake was falling off its stand, it has to be separated into two pieces, the figurines on top looked like 2 eggs instead of people, the airbrushing was half done....I promise you, if I wasn't already so ecstatic that we were married...I would have cried.

It was the most amazing day of my life. We wanted a wedding where we could party and have fun as well...and we did! We walked away from the venue as a very happy and grateful Mr and Mrs Chegwidden!


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