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Fourie Michelle

Married on Mar 26, 2016 in Kwa-Zulu Natal

How we met...
We both went out with friends to O'hagens in 2012. I came out of the bathroom and he wanted to go in, so we bumped into each other. He immediately started to flirt with me and I just kept on playing hard to get. He folded a rose out of a serviette and wrote his number on the inside of the rose and gave it to me... That's why Barry (My husband) had to fold for each guest on the wedding a pink rose, as part of the decorations.
(please visit our gallery to see the rose)

How he asked me the big question...
We went to Magoebaskloof to see waterfalls. We climbed out a mountain which were all wet and slippery due to the previous night's rain. Barry fell about 20 times and all I can remember is my own laughter because he constantly told me its because I am light weighted that its so easy for me to stay on my feet.. At the third waterfall feature he put his hand into the front of his pants and I looked at him surprised and thought by myself.. does this man want to "froetel" with me now, while he is full of mud.. lol...
Then the big question came... He took out the RING BOX which he kept in his UNDERWEAR and went down on his knees. I said.... YES..

Our big day 26 March 2016
Barry decided mostly that we should have a beach wedding, due to our proposal he decided that a bush or wild life wedding is too dirty..

We decided to get married in Munster, Kwa Zulu Natal (South Coast). We booked the facilities of a boarding school and all our guest slept in the hall. Our quest enjoyed it very much because they were all party animals and enjoyed the "adventure" and atmosphere of a small vacation wedding.

We got married on the beach and all our guest were sitting on blankets. We decided to have a different wedding and BEFORE the BRIDE must walk down the aisle all the brides maids, grooms men and the GROOM himself must dance down the aisle.. After that my MOTHER gave me the honour to take me down the aisle.

After the ceremony we had a big party in the boarding school's (Die Kinderstrand) hall.
We would just like to thank all our guest for attending our wedding and for driving all the way from Gauteng to Kwa Zulu Natal.
We would also like to thank our brides maids.. Marlizè, Christine, Alisha and Lize-Marie and our grooms men.. Kilus, Jacques, Wikus and Martin for being part and sharing our BIG and SPECIAL day with us.



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