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Elrisca Janse van Rensburg

Married on Mar 5, 2016 in Free State

Our Fairytale Wedding

To really give you an idea why I say "Fairytale Wedding", I'll have to start at the beginning. I actually (and this is very true) had a crush on my husband in Primary School. Yes, even at the age I thought he was drop dead gorgeous. But of course he is 4 years older than me, so at that time he barely noticed me. It was a fantasy crush, one , at that point, I thought will only happen in my dreams. As time passed by, he's memory faded. Soon I was on Matric Breakaway and there fate would cross our paths one more time. It just so happens that he just finished he's Law degree and was on the look out for his wife to be. He didn't date much as a student because as he says: "It's a waist of time when you're not serious and you can't be serious if you have to study." The timing was perfect, the place set, yes, we both happen to have our vacation at the same place. He wanted to meet, chat a little and get to know me. I though, could this really be happening? Well, it did. So we went on visiting each other for about 2 months when he decided to ask me to be his Girlfriend. A night still imprinted in my brain like it was yesterday, but thats a story for another day. 2years later he wants to ask the big question. Everything is planned out, Picnic at a cute spot close to Clarens. 5 Am that morning I wake up with the worst stomach virus every! 3 days before I would feel any better. Attempt nr 2: he planned a nice breakfast at what ended up to be our Wedding venue. 4 days before that breakfast date, I got a job! No more breakfast! Attempt nr 3: He moves the breakfast plans to dinner... And what a night it was... another 2 years later I was walking down the red carpet to meet my future husband. Wedding Photographer : Palm Photography


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