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Charmaine Grobbelaar

Married on Mar 11, 2016 in Gauteng

Team JC - Whatever God has put together, no man can separate...

Nothing can be more perfect than the day the two of us became one in a new covenant with God.

Our unbelievable journey was created from God's hand, a true fairy tale that will last forever. We could have never imagined that our big day would be filled with such wonder, love and laughter. We knew it would be the best day, but it turned out to be one of such an extent that we would give anything to stand in that moment again.

I can remember the both us just pausing for a moment to appreciate what was going on around us. In that moment the true realization of the blessed life we were living, came to pass.

Seeing other weddings and the "stress" that goes with it, we prepared for difficult times. I thank God that from our engagement up to the wedding day, we were fortunate to have everything go to plan. It really is true that unity is stronger than anything. Our day described myself and my husband in every detail and we loved every moment of it. Our vision for the look and feel was exactly the same from the first day we started planning.

The wedding venue (Die Akker) together with handmade fabric flowers, the dream dress, all the way through to the vintage look and rustic decor created a perfect memory, as perfect as our LOVE for one another.

The highlight of our big day was definitely the moment I walked down the aisle, everything around me went blurry and quiet, all I could hear was the song my husband played and recorded especially for me and all I could think about was, that handsome man chose me and he loves me. I couldn't get to him fast enough so that our eternal life together could kick off.
After all the excitement and emotions, we started our ceremony by worshiping and praising our Great Father. Nothing compares to that feeling of unity and anointing before the Lord.

I could have never asked for a better day. By the grace of God our journey was one that will remain unforgettable, even to those who took part in it, who we are forever grateful for. Every prayer and all the support made it so much more worthwhile.

Forever could never be long enough and we are living it to the fullest!!!!!


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Die Akker Wedding Venue

Die Akker Wedding Venue

Nestled snugly amidst magnificent age-old oak trees lies a breathtaking venue