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Bianca Downey (Wasserman)

Bianca Downey

Married on Mar 5, 2016

The wedding that was dreamt of since I was 10 years of age!

We started off with a complimentary "build your burger" evening at the Cape St Francis Resort in the Eastern Cape, with most of our family and friends on the Friday evening!
Saturday morning came and I was quiet nerves if I may admit, I couldn't go downstairs as my future husband was lurking around, so I left all the final planning too his best men to take care of.
While I was just about to begin with my hair and makeup one of my bridesmaids made me a hearty breakfast before the big day.
So one o' clock came and I started getting anxious as I was waiting to go and get married. We eventually walked down the stairs, ready at the door to walk out on the most blessed day that I could ask for... and our song begins, everything was running smoothly. I watched all of our guests stand up and watched as I come down the dune onto the beach.
It was an absolutely breathtaking day as I stood there at the alter with Mr Downey in front of me, and our ceremony begins. I was so glad that we got all the words correct.
Our Pre-reception on the lawn after we signed was spectacular while the marimba drums were being played by these very talents young kids from an orphanage, mojito's served with our canapes and castle lights for the guys of course.
The weather just held in time mind you we had all four seasons in one day from the beautiful sparkling waters to it pouring down with rain.
Our photo shoot after the pre-reception was quiet interesting while it was Gail force on the beach and the wind almost blew us away.
The reception at the Joe Fish Restaurant at the Resort was set out just as I wished it would be by my sister in laws , the food was excellent and the champagne was cold and everyone danced the night away with us. I just loved the ambiance.
We ended the night at the restaurant with a splash in the pool, wedding clothing and all then headed to the six bedroom five star bridal house to have the after party of the wedding there.
We couldn't take the wedding photos on our special day so we woke up early Sunday morning,( feeling raw) I put on my damp wedding dress, did my makeup and tried to do my hair again exactly the way it was and then helped look for clothing similar to what Kelvin was wearing the day before as it was still in the pool area outside.
After eventually finishing our photo shoot we then got dressed to see our friends and family off at our post wedding brunch , and I must add half of the guests were still asleep at 11 am.
What an amazing weekend surrounded with people that love and care for us, Thank you once again, and to my husband that tolerated all of my craziness and wished for only the wedding that I dreamed of!
Our honeymoon had been booked and I didn't know when we were leaving, where we were going, what time we would get there or any of the activities that was arranged by my Husband, another exciting experience of our lives together it was!


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