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Amorie Best

Married on Mar 11, 2016 in Gauteng

Fairytale Perfection

There is no better word to describe our dream day other than perfect! A perfect fairytale.

We had been planning on our big day for a little under a year and to finally have the big day arrive, had us filled with so much joy and expectation. And all of our expectations were exceeded beyond our dreams.

From the get-go, our day was filled with so much love and laughs spent with the ones we love. Nothing could put a damper on our excitement. Not even an accidental champaign cork in the groom's eye beforehand :)Everything went so smoothly, thanks to all the assistance and effort from those who formed part of the planning.

Come 16h00 and all emotions sky rocketed. Never have I felt so many positive, happy and loving feelings spill over me at once. The bells rang and holding on to the arm of my Dad, the doors opened and I saw my future. My future love, friend, support, rock, co-mischief instigator and soon-to-be-husband. It felt like I was floating! How I ended up walking down the aisle and not running or speed walking down the aisle, I do not know. But we finally made it to the front and the minute I took my groom's arm, I felt an overpowering peace. And in that moment I knew. I knew that with the man of my dreams standing next to me, nothing in the world could ever get me down. We could face anything that comes our way and together, we will make a lifetime of fairytales come true.

Our entire day went by without any flaws or problems. Everything we experienced felt "dream-like" and in that moment, so overwhelmingly amazing. I can remember every detail of our day and I just love thinking back on it and replaying it in my mind! We were even blessed enough to have rain during our reception in which my husband and I took the opportunity to dance and kiss in the rain!

I am so thankful and blessed to have had the opportunity to live my perfect day. I would not have been able to do it without our wonderful parents, friends, suppliers and most importantly my husband and step-son. Again, all I can say is "perfection." I thank God every day for blessing me with my perfect other and better half. I found my missing puzzle piece and together, we keep building our story. I cannot wait to see what the completed picture will look like...


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Green Leaves

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