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Wilri Prozesky

Married on Feb 14, 2016 in Western Cape

Shaun and myself met in February of 2012, 2 days before Valentines day through a mutual friend. Needless to say we ended up spending Valentine's day together which remains a secret lol. Shaun is a health coach and offered to assist me with the weight loss issue I struggled with back then and we ended up spending most of our time together.

We vacant frequently abroad and well i follow him wherever he goes, yes I fell in love first, who couldn't with that face? We were on one of our business holidays when he took me to Venice beach (Shaun thinking that the beach will be covered in white beautiful sand) this is Europe we are talking about so you guessed it, grey sand and rubble everywhere...I had no idea what was happening but remember waking up from my little tanning session on the pier and found Shaun looking around for something.

"Quick help me look for my ring, I lost it in the water", he yelled! I was like how did you lose it (me still standing on the pier, him standing below on a rock). Shaun: "Come down and help me look" Me: "Well look underneath those shells there" Shaun: "Come down and you look under the shells, I lost my favourite ring!"

Well you probably guessed it, I went down to pick up the shell and low and behold inside a clam looking thingy I see this shiny sparkling diamond ring! Immediately I dropped it in shock. Well the rest is history with him going down on one knee and me saying: YES!

We decided to get married on Valentine's Day as it has a significant special meaning to us...which no one knows ;)

About our Wedding

Our wedding was something so special, with a few drops of rain from heaven right before we had to leave for the church was our sign of God's blessing. My family is spectacular, lots of humour, laugther and tears filled the morning. My mom made my bouquet and inside they put an old antique Bible as it was tradition way back then.

The wedding started at 4pm so we were escorted to the Bridal car via golf carts as we were staying at Spier wine farm. What fun it was. My nerves was starting to set in, dad and myself alone in the car...his white Merc...we always call his car "Die wit bruid" what a coincidence lol

We asked that everyone put their phones off during the ceremony including the photographers as we wanted everyone to be present during our special time. After we said our I do's, I had to do my first Prozesky signature, oh my word what a challenge (and I did practice).

Lots of snap snap snaps were taken while the guests enjoyed some snacks and beverages before we made our sweet entrance on the old sitcom song: "Love and Marriage" sung by Frank Sinatra.

My new husband had us all in tears but he was struggling to fight back the tears so his speech ended up being longer than planned lol but who cares it was so special!

I planned a surprise dance on Megan Trainor's song "Dear future husband" for hubby with my single girl squad, this was awesome and he was surprised. We danced, ate cake and food and had fun with the garter and bouquet tossing.

Hope you find some enjoyment from our photo's but all I can say is that you had to be there!


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