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Wilhrisca Britz (Ehlers)

Wilhrisca Britz

Married on Feb 6, 2016 in Limpopo

We Got Engaged on May 30th 2015, & our wedding took place on the 6th of Feb 2016, at a beautiful lodge specially designed for weddings only Mohatjane Lodge in Dendron - Limpopo. The wedding Color was Gold, blush pink & peach, with a wedding theme of Chickens - because my Fiance (Husband) is a Chicken Farmer. our wedding was so great! all the guests enjoyed themselves, it was a semi formal wedding that took place just before sunset. i planned most of my wedding with the help of the venue owner & her son (Cecile & Charl), they assisted me in choosing the right theme, colour, decor, flowers, food, mood and so much more! we used a DJ which we personally know & the venue itself has a cash bar.
the only problem was the wedding dress that started as a brilliant beautiful master piece but ended up not being great at all, and i had to rush myself and my dress the morning OF the Wedding to another designer to fix what is fixable, and to create a wearable dress for the wedding. if it wasn't for Dianay , i would have walked down the aisle with a ripped dress, not fitted as it should have been. (the designer - who is provincially well known - rushed in making my dress , and it was a complete disaster.
overall i had the best day ever, with my dearest family and friends, great food, a stunning venue, a comfortable dress and in the end i spended it with my life long partner and all time best friend - my husband!


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