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Toni-Cézeal Adams

Married on Feb 12, 2016 in Western Cape

I wasn't one of those girls who dreamed about their wedding day. I was proudly independent (read ‘bitter and stubborn’) and instead vowed never to get married.

Alexander Justin Adams was my only exception.

We met at a mutual friend’s birthday party, and started seeing each other in 2012. I ended up calling things off after only 2 months because things in my life seemed too messy at the time. Alex was somewhat sad (apparently, he knew after the first date that I was “The One” *chuckles*) but he was also gracious. “Rather now than later and break his heart”, I thought to myself. We never spoke or made contact for a full year after that... until we bumped into each other at a funeral - I know, awkward.

Our proposal story is a bit cuter. Alex contacted my manager at work (who was based in Lebanon), and requested that I be given the day off. He then asked my sister to help him hack my phone to find a contact number of one of my colleagues. Together, they managed to get my colleagues to plan a fake employee team building meeting at a restaurant by a historic vineyard. I was clueless until he swooped in, instead of my colleagues, and started sharing his heart for me. He went down on one knee and I could only laugh. It was before my morning coffee, so it took a moment for me to register. I said yes, obviously, but only after a solid 30 seconds of laughter.

We celebrated a beautiful wedding day, with the most amazing family and friends, at the Nantes Estate in Paarl/Wellington. Besides a few hiccups, not very much went wrong on the day. The most hilarious aspect of the day was just before I walked down the aisle, one of my 5-year-old flower girls asked me, “Toni, so now, how many days will it be till you have a baby?” The room of girls erupted with laughter. The day felt like a perfect blur. I wish I could tell the story of every detail, but it would take me forever. What's true though is this - Alex and I during our planning clung to the theme in our hearts for our lives and wedding: Simple and Sacred. Our wedding was beautifully simple and wonderfully sacred.

Alexander Justin Adams will forever be my only exception.


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Nantes Estate

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