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Michelle Pool (Rippenaar)

Michelle Pool

Married on Feb 27, 2016 in Western Cape

My husband, Cashwall, and I got married on 27 February 2016. On the morning of the wedding, I woke up overcome by peace and contentment after weeks of running up and down prepping for the big day. An sms from him greeted me as I got of out bed. It said: "Good morning my wife-to-be, I cannot wait to see you in church! Love you" and that, I have to admit, kept me smiling from ear to ear as I got ready for the wedding ceremony. It was all very surreal – putting on my wedding dress, doing my hair and make-up, the photographs – and for a while, I could not fully grasp the big step that both of us were taking on this day – we were going to embark on a lifetime together.

The church was packed when I walked in, accompanied by my father. All I saw was my husband-to-be, standing at the end of the aisle. I know it sounds corny, but it felt like a scene out of a movie. When my dad gave my hand to my husband, he just uttered "Wow" and stared at me. The exchange of our vows were an emotional and beautiful experience for me. I can’t even find the words to describe it. It felt like we were trapped in a bubble where only the two of us existed!

When I look back at our wedding day, a few things stand out for me - my husband's speech and our first dance. In one of the photos taken, I am looking at my husband, brimming over with admiration while he is delivering his speech. He can be a rather shy guy and often do not like talking in front of crowds, but on the night, he oozed with confidence as he spoke about me, how we met and our love for each other. During our first dance I was very emotional and my eyes welled up with tears, but he lovingly joked and said: “You can cry, but be careful not to trip over your dress and fall in front of all the guests”. That cracked me up (and was also captured in one of the photos) and also helped me from completely smudging my make-up.

Our wedding day was honestly one of the most beautiful days of my life. The venue was stunning and everyone who attended had an absolute “jol” of a time. It was an unforgettable day filled with joy, laughter and memories that both of us will cherish for a lifetime and beyond.


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