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Cindy Pero (Wagner)

Cindy Pero

Married on Feb 27, 2016

I woke up and the weather was beautiful, the nature was my surroundings and in the peace and quiet I realised that today was the day I was going to confess my love to an amazing man in front of all the people I care about in my life. The day was just perfect in every sense of the word, the decorators were doing their thing in the reception venue, the caterers were preparing the food so all I could do was be pampered!
The bridesmaids and mom made sure I was comfortable and well fed before I was to walk down the Isle.
At 14:40 I was dressed and ready to go... just after 15:00 the church bells rang and I knew it was time...
It was time to walk down the Isle to marry the man of my future. And wow all the noise and faces disappeared, all I saw was him, all I saw was Werner standing staring at me, was a special service with a few giggles as I dropped his wedding ring.
We then went off into the game farm to share some special memories and photos in the amazing setting South-Africa gave us, we drank champagne and enjoyed the outdoors.
When arriving at the reception our guests applauded us as we walked in the doors to the most breathtaking decor and warmth and love felt from the people we chose to celebrate our day with.
The night continued with so much fun and laughter and smiles from everyone.
I thank my God for a second chance at Love every single day...



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