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Anuschka Jennings

Married on Feb 27, 2016 in Gauteng

The love of my life, my high school sweet heart, my Husband.

We have come a long way from being teenagers. We have fought our battles, drifted apart (for 5 years), just to find each other again. To know that our love never died, it bloomed into the most amazing pure love.

Even with all the sadness of losing someone close a week before our wedding, we knew that he was watching over us, comforting us and rooting for us.
It was a day that I saw MY PERSON at the end of the isle, just as happy as I was.

Nothing else mattered.
Not the stress of the planning, the rush of getting everything done in time, thinking of what was forgotten or what will go wrong. Being worried that I will trip and fall with all the eyes on me...

No other eyes mattered, than the man that was to become my husband.

It wasn't about how lavish it was, how much it cost or about how smoothly it would go.

It was about the love of two people, destined to be together, joined together as one by God for the rest of their lives.

My constant friend, my faithful partner and my priority,
I love you, always


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