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Adré Müller

Married on Feb 27, 2016 in Gauteng


"These moments will be edged in our lives forever. In our memories, the memories others will dream of as they think they are in love."

We wanted to share our very unique and special love story with our loved ones - just a piece of what we experienced together every second in our relationship, which no one would ever forget - the "I WANT THAT LOVE" feeling.

Fellowship and love was the subject and object. On our wedding day we did what we do every day - because this was a day in the life of The Kwagga's (our couple name among friends and family). The day had to be chilled, simple and intensively passionate as our love for each other. We definitely didn't go down the traditional wedding route, this was going to be different, so the guests were invited to a "house party vibe" wedding with no formal seating. All the decor was handmade. The natural canvas of the surroundings and habitat was already provided so we didn't want to spoil it with frills and heavy decor. The venue was clean, relaxed and tranquil just as we wanted our guests to experience it. The venue was an undiscovered gem of a place. All around the venue we hung words and quotes of our love. Each guest had a personalized name brooch, so you knew who you hang out with and so our guests became friends that night. We made use of a floating dinner that was prepared by the food queen, Lorraine Swanepoel. The house had a very relaxed ambiance, guests could stand around at the bar socializing, pair up in groups on the deck or laze around in the country style house on big and comfy couches. The dance floor was always busy and one of the guests even paid a X amount to keep the venue open longer for an hour. I can not believe how perfect the day was - perhaps because early in the morning we had a picnic together as fiances and prayed together on the day. My Mommy and Daddy handed me over, TOGETHER, to their new son - we wrote and read our own love promises to each other - we shared a more than perfect "Romeo and Juliet" opening dance - the speeches was honest and sincere, I shared a special Father and daughter medley dance that I will forever cherish with my Daddy and we could end off the early morning festivities with our friends and family as Mr. and Mrs. Müller.

I faithfully married my best friend and the best version of me. I will always choose Brett, over and over. I know that everything in my life has led me to Brett, my choices, my sadness, my regret. All of it, and when I look at my past, every choice was worth it, because if I did one thing differently, we would not have connected two souls on the 27th of February 2016. In my darkest time Brett saved me, he is my "Saving Grace" and I thank God that he protected me, to be Brett's wife today. At a time that I felt I was worthless and that no one could love me anymore, he came to show me love, real love. An exceptional marriage doesn't just happen, it is a constant investment of time, patience, forgiveness, love, prayer, mutual respect and a rock solid commitment. I remind Brett constantly of the fact that we were the lucky ones, because we found each other. Fearlessly I love this man, with Brett my restless soul found her house in the warmth of his heart. Brett is my protector, my counselor, my best friend, my family, my everything, our hearts started living together on this day as our souls become an eternal home. With Brett I want to try to heal the world, bit by bit, in Brett, I found my other half and when I look into his eyes I know how God spells love, he spells it - Brett.


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