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Tanith Bennett

Married on Dec 18, 2016 in Western Cape

Our boho-chic farm-style celebration

The day I married the man of my dreams! I didn't know that you could be surrounded by so much joy and love in just one day. Despite minor hiccups along the short journey...

We organised our wedding in less than two and a half months, from proposal to 'I do'! We wanted something relaxed and simple, but we wanted it to be in the gorgeous Cape Winelands during December - and we didn't want to wait! We are both scientists and conservationists so wanted it to have as little environmental impact as possible (and cut costs!), so everything from decor to gifts was re-used or recycled, fitting in perfectly with our boho vibe!

We were lucky enough to have my parents' small-holding just outside Worcester as the perfect wedding venue - Winterfell Farm. Friends and family helped with all the decorating, cooking and cake making. One of my favourite memories in the build-up to the special day is of my mom sewing her dress at the kitchen table, whilst my soon-to-be sister-in-law and mom-in-law were putting the final touches to the wedding cake that they had baked. A real old-school, family-filled, farm wedding.

Planned from a distance, with the bridal party scattered across the world, I was very easy in terms of outfits for the day. Everyone chose their own outfit based on a short brief and some Pinterest-inspired ideas. It couldn't have worked out better, even if we had tried to co-ordinate the match!

We had a few natural and man-made disasters the day before the wedding! Due to the terrible drought & high temperatures in the Breede Valley, the surrounding fynbos & farms were very dry. A week before the wedding, the fynbos at the end of my parents' driveway (& the wedding venue!!) caught fire and burnt to a crisp - leaving none of the fynbos flowers that we had hoped to use in our decor - luckily they managed to contain the fire and it only affected the driveway. You can see the starkness in one of our wedding photos with the burnt branches creating a rather eerie and beautiful backdrop. Then, the day before the wedding, just as our guests were meant to check in at our neighbour's B&B accommodation, their fields caught fire and the fire tragically spread and burnt down their beautiful historical home. Our wedding guests and my family rushed over to help and try put the fires out, but it was too late even for the fire engines to assist. During all this chaos, the hire company were meant to have delivered the tent, tables, chairs, crockery, etc -but had not arrived. We called them and apparently they had had a terrible accident when leaving Cape Town with the delivery! They managed to get another vehicle and delivered some of the main items, leaving us begging and borrowing tables and fairy lights - our wedding party and friends really rallied to get everything up in time!!

Despite all the disasters, I got my picture-perfect Pinterest wedding, complete with garden games, laughter, love and little children running around gleefully.





Wedding Officer: Virginia Spies


Cake: Kelly du Plessis (Durban-based)

Main meal:


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