Married on Dec 17, 2016 in Kwa-Zulu Natal

Every girl dreams about meeting her prince charming, with whom she will spend the rest of her life. For me, that dream rapidly materialized at the age of 15. What originated as friendship between two classmates had evolved into a beautiful love story.
Being linked together since our high school years, my husband and I have shared some of life’s most important milestones together. We have learnt a lot about ourselves and each other on our journey and have always supported each other in our own individual dreams. Eventually, after 14 years of courting, we decided to join our souls together and make our entrance into eternity on 17 December 2016 at the Royal Agricultural Show Grounds in Pietermaritzburg.
Over the years, we have grown accustomed to making every important decision together as a couple, and our wedding preparation was no exception. After months of preparation, that fateful week of our three-day wedding festivities had finally arrived, beginning with a henna ceremony on the first day, followed by a turmeric ceremony (for the bride) and thanks giving ceremony (for the groom) on the second day, and finally our “big day”.
Our Big Day!!! Waking up to a perfect summer’s morning with butterflies in my tummy, ecstatic to have only a few hours left until I can address my high school sweetheart, best friend, and love of my life as “my husband” was a pleasant start to my day. A day that saw the immersion of a colourful multi-cultural wedding, commencing with a Christian ceremony followed by a traditional Hindu ceremony. A fusion of vibrant Indian attire and aromas of Indian sweets, havan (auspicious fire ritual) smoke, and traditional Indian cuisine lingered throughout the wedding hall. It was the most amazing day of our lives, and we are sincerely grateful to our dear friends and family that spent this day with us.
An ingredient that would have escalated the day to perfection is the presence of all my loved ones who are now deceased, who I hope were present in spirit, especially the man that has played a significant role in my life - my late dad who had passed away 18 months before my wedding.

Service Providers
Venue: Royal Agricultural Show Grounds, Pietermaritzburg
Décor & Catering: White Heart Décor & Catering Services
Photography: Studio Unlimited
Hair & Makeup: Mithal Brijmohan Bridal Team
Cake: Love & Laughter Wedding Cakes


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