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Carina Terclavers

Married on Dec 10, 2016 in Gauteng

I began my morning with butterflies in my tummy, not from being nervous at all, because I knew on that day I would be marrying my best friend.

The time came for us to go to the venue, as we arrived so did my hairstylist and makeup artist.

I sat watching as my hair was being done, my transformation to a beautiful bride had begun, I remember clearly sitting for my makeup and my daughter telling me ' mommy you look like a princess'.

The day progressed and it was time to go say our 'I do's', I remember not being able to wait to see my Husband-to-be at the end of the isle.

Looking him in his eyes with tears of joy in mine was the best moment of the day, seeing how happy he was to become my Husband.

Every moment after that was amazing, the venue made my night so special and I had moment after moment that was so precious to me.

The day I got married to my best friend was the best day of my life.


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