Married on Nov 11, 2016 in Western Cape

Forever And A Day

It seemed like just yesterday when we were introduced to each other. Who knew that just ten years after meeting, we would be married! We used to joke about it, in the early stages of our relationship and say that we would marry each other after ten years of being together, not having anticipated that we would make it, because we still felt that there was so much to live for before settling down. Little did we know that all we needed was each other and our love is testament to that.

We're so blessed to have each other and extremely excited to start this new next chapter in our life together, especially in the magical way that we celebrated our weddings. I felt like more than a princess, I felt like a queen marrying her king and walking into forever down that aisle was indescribable in words. This is more than love, this is magic.


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