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Robyn Borain

Married on Nov 26, 2016 in Kwa-Zulu Natal

The day had finally arrived. The day before I was fine. But now this morning, before the wedding the nerves hit. Hit me like a ton of bricks. Was there some excitement hidden away there? Definitely! I felt lost at first, having woken up WAY too early to be able to do anything. My hair and makeup stylist finally arrived. He hugged me and told me to take deep breaths. It helped! Then it was time to start. I watched as my hair and makeup changed the way I look entirely. I looked beautiful! I felt beautiful. Nothing can go wrong now, can it? After the maid of honour was done, we got ourselves dressed. The car had arrived. The photographer was still busy taking photos so the driver had to wait. He was so kind he didn't mind. Then off we went. As we got near the church I saw no one was inside yet. Why weren't they in yet? This isn't right. So the kind driver drove right past the church and took us around the block to give time for the guests to go in. Finally it was 2.30. I didn't want to be late - I hate being late. So the driver took us to the church. Oh agony, the groom was still standing outside. Frantically I phoned the best man - take him inside I said. We sat in the car and waited for everyone to finally be inside, then I was at last able to get out. My heart was racing. Don't fall down the aisle is all I kept saying to myself. We got inside. The fantastic photographer taking pictures all the way. We got to the door of the church. The music started. Well, Robyn, it's too late to run now, let's do this, I thought to myself. And in we went. My father at my side. I felt tears start to well up in my eyes the closer I got. Singin, the groom was standing with his back to me, he hadn't seen me. Then he turned. Oh how his face lit up with joy. He took me over from my father. And we stood in front of the marriage officer to take our vows. The ceremony seemed to fly by. Before we knew it we were signing the registers, and that was it! We were married. We greeted our guests and told them we would see them at the reception, and off we went - the bridal party and parents - to take the professional photos.

The photos went smoothly. I can't wait to see the outcome. It was so much fun. The photographer was fantastic. We finished up and off we went to the reception. The guests again weren't seated yet. The wedding planner ushered them in to their table seatings. Now it was time for us to enter. Our walk in song played, and in we went. The best man and maid of honour first, followed by us. My now-husband chose such a beautiful song for us to walk in with. We took our seats and the reception began. The food was amazing but I had no appetite so couldn't eat much - must be the nerves still going. My maid of honour said her speech - it was so heartfelt and heartwarming. She spoke from paper because her nerves were also shot, but her words were wonderful. Then came my father's speech. He didn't need paper because he's so used to public speaking. It was also very beautiful although short. Then came the best man's speech. Hilarious and beautiful at the same time. His speech brought a tear to my eye. Finally my husband toasted me, with his speech. He didn't prepare at all, but the words that came from him made me finally shed a true tear. I love this man so much, I thought to myself. After all that and in between everything, our photographer took many photos with family and friends. Beautiful. We then had the first dance. I cried like a baby because as we danced, husband whispered sweet nothings to me. Beautiful. When I had my father-daughter dance with my dad, both him and I cried. Butterfly kisses was the song we danced to. It's always been "our song". The other dad's and daughters joined us in our dance and it was lovely. After that it was the mother-son dance for hubby and his mom. It was so beautiful as well.Then came the cake cutting. I cut a nice big slice for hubby and before he knew it I had shoved the whole thing in his mouth. It was hilarious. But he wouldn't be beaten like that. He got me back by shoving a piece in my mouth too. It was great fun. After that came the bouquet and garter toss. How funny, my maid of honour caught my bouquet (after being thrown to the floor by my stylist's husband) and Singin (hubby's) best man caught the garter. What a twist! Then all the formal festivities were done and it was time to really party. Some guests left, but Singin and I stayed right until the last guest had left. It wasn't too late - it all ended at 10pm - but that was still great! So now it was time for us to go to our honeymoon room...

Not much to write here... Not wanting to divulge too much. But Our little honeymoon was wonderful. Waking up the morning of the wedding feeling unreal and then hubby greets me with "Morning my Mrs Borain" and my heart melted. Off we went to a buffet breakfast at the Inn we stayed at. Then we just lazed around spending quality time together. Suddenly it was night time again. We knew tomorrow it was our last day of the honeymoon and we would have to go back to the real world. But we were going back with a new positive outlook. We rested well, had another hearty breakfast the next morning. Packed our things, and off we went, back to our home with our daughter Clarise (Who was the flowergirl at the wedding). Although it was a very short honeymoon, it was wonderful. I loved every second of it... NOW IT'S TIME TO START THE REST OF OUR LIVES TOGETHER!! I wonder what surprises life will throw at us next. Whatever it is, we can handle it...


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