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Kerry Maree

Married on Nov 5, 2016 in Kwa-Zulu Natal

All planning, food, decor, flowers, etc was done by the bride and the bridal party.
We are so blessed to have such gifted friends and family.

We could not have asked for better weather.
The Ceremony took place under a Jacaranda tree, overlooking the Swart Umfolozi River, with views of the valley and mountains as far as you can see.
The guests toasted the Bride and Groom with Jelly Shots as they made their way through hundreds of bubbles and smiles and cheers to the "welcome drinks" area, where there were cheese platters, and a Biltong Cake waiting for the guests to enjoy while photos were being taken.

The couple arrived at the reception at sunset, and the celebrations were on the go before you could blink. The MC had the crowd in hysterics, and after a few speeches, and guests had eaten their fill, the bridal couple opened the dance floor to "A thousand years" from Twilight.
The Angus Band played their hearts out, and guests absolutely loved them.

Venue: Thangami Safari Spa
Music: The Angus Band
Dress: Bride and Co
Photographer: Ian Genis
Everything else was DIY

Carl and Kerry met 8 years ago, and hit it off as friends straight away.
We were each dating other people at the time, and the thought of being together never crossed either of our minds. We had gone on to live our lives, and lost contact for while.
About 2 years ago, God decided it was time for us to find each other again. Both of us were single and self sufficient and happy about where our lives were at the time, and had in fact given up on the search for our "perfect partner".
Kerry heard that Carl was in town, visiting her brother, and decided to drop in for a drink with them to catch up... and that was the beginning of our story...
We saw each other across the pool table and smiled and something clicked in us. We cant explain it, but we have been together all day, every day since then. Our lives slotted in together without a hitch, and we have never been happier and more in love in our lives.
This is it... this is what we were unknowingly searching for all our lives.
We will grow old together, and live our lives to the fullest every day.
Because Carl has been in their lives for so long, Kerry's daughter, Jessica, and Carl became best friends immediately, and Carl has become the father that Jessica has never had. The love and happiness and laughter in our house is truly a blessing, and we thank God every day that we found each other.


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