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Zaakira Raymond-Moodley (Raymond)

Zaakira Raymond-Moodley

Married on Oct 29, 2016 in Gauteng

My dream wedding!

On the 29th October 2016, I had my dream wedding! I'm sure most brides say that, but I can honestly say mine was true. I was born in Durban and grew up there until I was 9, then moved to Johannesburg. While growing up and thinking of my wedding day that will come one day, I always imagined it being in Durban on the beach, and that's exactly where I got married :)

I never thought getting married on the beach was truly possible, I thought it would always just be a dream and I would have to settle for something else. I initially looked at wedding venues in Johannesburg that had a waterfall, river or some sort of water and outside feel that would at least meet some of beach expectations. But needless to say, I was never satisfied with anything. After much help from my mom, and her doing enquiries about how to hire out the beach etc., I can say today I had my dream beach wedding.

This was one of the most special and spectacular days that I will never forget. Through the grace of God, and help from everyone, family and friends, my wedding day was a memorable one. The stress was high and the times were tough, leading right up until the wedding day, and not to mention on the day as well. From planning and co-coordinating in JHB, to many trips for hair trials, tastings, and the reception venue search, to finally getting everything down to Durban for the big day.

It took forever for this special day to arrive, but boy did the day end sooner than it begun. Rushing to set up the beach, while my friends and I were having hair and make-up done; and then the final moment of putting on one of my wedding dresses-a priceless moment. Though I was more than just fashionably late to my own wedding, more than any bride should be, we were fortunate that the weather held up until we finished with our vows, and managed to get some amazing pictures on the beach, and then the showers of blessing were upon us.

From the fun of being carried on a rickshaw down to the isle, to dancing the night away at our reception and falling on my bum (thank goodness for my poofy dress, that I didn't feel a thing), I have some of the most unforgettable moments that I will remember for the rest of my life.

After our wedding and signing the register, we made our way back to the hotel to get ready for our reception at Coastlands Musgrave Hotel. Walking in as husband and wife and being greeted by all our guests was a heart warmingly fantastic moment. Having finished all the formalities, doing my father-daughter dance, as well as opening dance with my husband, we sat down to a sumptuous dinner served by the chefs at Coastlands Musgrave...and then the party began.

We danced the night away, and even though we didn't want to go home, we had to call it a night. The lights came on, and just like that, my amazing wedding day came to a close...


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