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Tracey Sandison

Married on Oct 15, 2016 in Western Cape

October the 15th 2016 a blissful moment well shall always treasure from different cultures to different upbringings we have made our paths cross and now joining as one.If I had a dream this is one that has really come true a man in my life I can depend on and look up to this man of mine he lifts me up,touching my soul with each smile he makes the love has made us who we are it's changing and appreciating what others look past and most importantly it striving to be the best we can be because 2 is better than 1.Love like no other so unique and so pure when souls meet it takes your breath away but so intimate that you take one grasp of air together yes yes I'm an old romantic and how can't I be when our love is free no limit just undenying love best friends soul mates we see one another in each other not always rose's and chocolates but one i would fight for till the day I die because my favourite song says I'd rather die Young than live my life without you. Here we are Man and Wife take me my prince and I shall bear you life.

Yours Dearly
Tracey Sandison


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