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Tracey-Anne Lee-de Jongh

Married on Oct 29, 2016 in Western Cape

Becoming Mrs Lee-de Jongh

It was of course the most amazing day of our lives even though we had a few hiccups :) our string quartet cancelled one hour before the wedding, my miniature bride watched too many movies and took it upon herself to throw out all the confetti in the isle and my organist forgot to play the wedding march :D

Through it all the only thing that kept us calm and sane, was the fact that I was marrying my best friend, confidant, my partner in crime and the love of my life <3

When My dad took me down the isle I looked at my husband to be and looked the way he looked at me and my heart melted knowing that this is unmistakably the best decision I could have made to marry him.

In the months leading up to the big day, we were separated for nearly 9months as hubby worked abroad, we stayed in contact daily and once he landed it was like we never separated. it is then when we realized that the bond we have is unbreakable <3

In summary, we believe we have been placed together by GOD, we have grown to love each others strengths and respect and support each other in our weaknesses.

In all we are looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together devoted to one another and GOD as our focal point


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