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Tanya De wet

Married on Oct 15, 2016 in Mpumalanga

Our Forever Story

I'll take you back to May 2014, I was working as a Flight attendant for Emirates in Dubai, I randomly decided to take a week off to visit my parents and that is when I met my future husband, months past with us just talking to each other over skype for hours at a time when I had the chance, after 3 months I had the chance to visit South Africa again of course I was playing hard to get but that didn't last long by the end of my visit we were in a relationship.

As time passed our bond became stronger, emotionally we were as strong as it could be but still you miss one another, a year and a half passed and things were getting harder I was flying more and we were not seeing each other as often as we wanted to and of course the stronger our feelings grew towards one another the bigger the hole was.

Finally after two more months I decided to move back to South African, 6 months passed and finally on 24 DECEMBER 2015 the man of my dreams popped the question an of course I said YES !!!

We started planning our wedding straight away, the date was set for 15 October 2016 and so everything began falling into place.

Fast forward to the day before our wedding the wedding party gather at the venue, waiting upon the arrival of the wedding cake all the way from Pretoria, it finally arrives, I open the boxes to see how it looks panic strikes it is horrible not even what I wanted none the less not even that will spoil my beautiful day. Going to bed at about midnight. I wake up bright and early and the day is here the day we have waited for, for so long.

its our wedding day can you believe it, lets get the coffee brewing and start the music today will be an amazing day. It's minutes before I walk down the isle early I might add ( Christian said if you are 1 min late I will walk out ) the music starts playing the girls go in as I walk through the doors he turns around and what is that I see tears rolling down his cheek ( f.y.i I told him if he doesn't cry I will walk out and walk back in again.) my heart melted in an instant it made this day so so so special.

This was the day that the Lord gave us it was special and full of love and joy, I would not have changed one single thing ok just one I would have wanted it to last longer. Half a day was just to short of a time for all our joy and fun.

Our wedding day was beautiful with white flowers and pops of green leaves, the smell of lilies and vanilla candles in the air the glow of the candles against the glass and crystal was stunningly beautiful, we had our perfect wedding day with perfect people and perfect memories.

My husband I love you so much and thank you for who you are to me.
My mom and dad your love is unconditional and I love you with all my heart.
My in-laws thank you for giving me your son he is my world.

I love you all

Venue : Whispering Thorns Guest Farm
Photography: Migneon Mairs @ Pritti Photography
Videographer: Etienne Schoeman @ Etienne Schoeman Films
Flowers & Dekor : Marinda Cilliers @ Whispering Thorns Guest Farm
Dress and Suite: Xela Fashion studio
Hair: Angelique Liversage @ Roots Hair Salon
Make-up: Andelien Steyn Make-up Artistry
Nails: Zane Grace @ Body Cure
Lashes: Stephnie@ Body Beautiful
Wedding Stationary: Lilly Young
Vintage Cars: Vintage Car Hire


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Whispering Thorns

Whispering Thorns

We offer our guests a unique setting in which they are able to feel completely at home.

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Whispering Thorns

Whispering Thorns

We offer our guests a unique setting in which they are able to feel completely at home.



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